Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Sageman,

    Sink tips are not made of lead core. Rather, the first sinking lines and sink tips introduced by Scientific Anglers used powdered lead mixed in the PVC base that formed the line coating. A small difference except to those of us who cast both sinking lines and real lead core lines.

  2. In the interest of getting this thread to 10 pages, and to directly comment on the extraordinary civility and decorum that is being maintained, I wanted to add that all of you who disagree with me are shit for brains.

  3. :rofl::rofl:

    Blow it out your ass you old fogey!

    *I love your posts SG
  4. Well, that explains why there was corn on the q-tip after I cleaned my ears this morning.
  5. Now for a short intermission:

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  6. OH COME ON, you can't be done yet! I just got another beer and reloaded my popcorn bowl.
    I can't believe the attitude of some of you, and the language! after 50+ years of flyfishing, I don't own a spin rod, I could probably teach a thing or two about humility and respect for our sport, and each other.
    Go flyfish and enjoy yourself!
  7. :thumb:
  8. Has anyone fished a bead egg dropper off their swung fly?
  9. yes.
  10. One more page guys!
  11. Tried it, yes. Got a lot of s%&T for trying it, but I did.
  12. really what the collective information on this thread comes down to is that the most effective, yet still pure and acceptable method of catching steelhead is to swing egg patterns on a sink tip.

    matching the hatch = pleasing that type of purist
    not using lead = pleases the "no lead" crowd
    it's swung = well, you get the point.
    it's an egg = most effective of all steelhead patterns
    everyone wins!

    time to party like this kid
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  13. I don't know what your point is... all I know is I think fly-fishing is all about quality vs. quantity. If you want to use non traditional fly-fishing techniques, it seems you should just go back to gear fishing. *shrug*... whatever. Fish on! :thumb:
  14. I must be kind of dense. Having difficulty seeing the logic behind showing Joe how to successfully swing a fly, without success including catching a fish. Although I will concede that nymphing is a much more productive method of catching than swinging.

    Now as far as being easier to teach, there are undoubtably tricks to the trade that do require some knowledge as well as a certain level of skill. But lobbing a bobber rig fifteen feet out to the side of a drift boat while the guide rows you down thru the slot is not too high up on the learning curve. And I've done my fair share of observing people fishing both methods with and without a guide. Guide services do not come cheap these days. And it's hard to justify shelling out that kind of dough when you go all day without so much as a hit. So is it any wonder that guides promote nymphing under a bobber over swinging?

    Reading water. Another aspect of this is the guy who has fished gear and knows good water when he sees it. All good water is not necessarily good swing water. But, with enough weight on a nymph rig, it can be fished.

    We fish because we like to fish. How we fish is a personal choice. And I have no quarrel with people who fish bobbers, bait or gear solely because they fish bobbers, bait or gear.
  15. Well in the spirit of getting to 10 pages...................

    I would like to clarify my two previous posts....

    I have no problem with people who have money and can fish. I have no problem with the guy decked out with fancy gear and clothing. I don't look down upon them for having nice things...........that's great, good for them.

    I have a problem with the arrogant attitude that seems to accompany most of them.

    So, being a man of logic.........I may generalize my experiences into a basis for my opinion.

    That being said...............most guys I run into on the river that are decked out in the "latest and greatest" gear. Are horrible casters, inefficient fisherman and snobbish
    A-holes from the west side of washington.

    Man I'm glad i'm moving back to Eastern Oregon..........................Oh wait that's where i run into all these "Washington Westside Wannabeeesss".
  16. Alright . . . back from a beer-run . . . continue . . . (took a rig with lead wheel-weights, but I'm a Jeeper . . . ).
  17. Almost there guys! Most of the meaningful threads, however could have been reduced to about two pages. But this will still count!
  18. As a jaded angler I find your take a breath of fresh air.

  19. This sounds like a typical comment from someone who is the girlfriend of the kind of people I speak of.

    So, what kind of "traditional" gear do you use LIsa, since your so frickin concerned with keeping the traditions of fly fishing?

    Oh and to answer your question, I think he was referring the fact that you probably don't know what the hell your talking about. I have figured that much out myself. Thanks for all your enlightening posts.:rolleyes:

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