Nymphing for Steelhead...why are folks against it?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by jroni, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. To me this is the exact kinda elitist stuff that people are complaining about. You saw 3 guys who didn't know how to spey cast and it made you barf in your mouth? Perhaps if you had offered some words of encouragement, or a tip or two, it would go a ways to change the perspective people seem to have on "elitist" swingers.
  2. Anybody else notice that nearly all the folks saying nymphing is the way to go and that swingers are elitists are from the east side of the hills where folks fish for trout in rivers? Perhaps that is why they are so adamant about swingers being elitists. Afterall, eastsiders don't have fresh steelhead available to fish for in the Dec. to April winter steelhead time frame, and most of their rivers are pretty devoid of steelhead in May, June, and July as well.

    Lest we forget, nymphing for steelhead (or fishing weighted flies dead drift with or without an indicator or some kind) is not something that was just discovered in the last 15 years or so. It is something that was done as far back as the 1870's in Northern CA. If you doubt this, simply take a look into the history of fly fishing for steelhead and you will find the use of weighted flies, including nymphs was used by quite a few back then. Perhaps, just perhaps the best steelhead fly fishers of years past quit using them for steelhead because they found nymphing wasn't the best or most effective method of catching steelhead.

    Just some food for thought.
  3. Wow, this one took off fast.

    I'll nymph for fish if the river is best suited for it, I'll even use a bobber at times (oops - strike indicator). I guess I'll never understand the "my way of fishing is better than yoiur way of fishing" mentality. I've put plugs on my Scott rod for winter steel and bahamas tarpon. I've put scent and bait on my fly a time or two, and I've swapped the real eggs at the end of my gear rod for an egg fly too.

    I like fishing. As long we obey the regs and respect each other none of the other stuff matters.
  4. If this is this case, pull out your size 20 BWO's and dead drift them for steelhead. Everybody has a measure of quantity built in. Would you seriously spend a cold winter day swinging flies in the Skagit River if you knew there was only a single 4 pound leftover summer run in the river? somewhere.......

    My point is that I think by our nature we have chosen flyfishing because of the quality of the experience, but we all desire a certain quantity as well. In fact, one of the reasons I use so many different techniques is that each one requires a different understanding of the river and a specific technique. To me the quality in flyfishing is being able to use several different techniques. I'd go nuts if all I could do was swing all day everyday, or just nymph for that matter. There are days where swinging is all I do because I get the itch to fish that way and want to feel that take. I enjoy all the methods for different reasons, and in the end I nymph more than I use the other techniques because ultimately I like to catch fish...
  5. Lisa, in any sport or anything you do, you will have a couple of bad eggs or people that just like to cause problems. Fly fishing is fun and should be fun. It doen't matter how you do it or what you fish for.
    It is about getting out and having fun. It is what it means to you, no one else.
    So as a couple of ones have already said, it is great that you are hear and it would be our lost if you don't stay and keep posting.
    I for one would love to hear more about your fishing trips and question.
    Good luck fishing!
    P.S. If you have any questions you would like to ask and don't want to put it on this site please P.M. me and I will do my best to answer them.
  6. I see your point sageman. I am new, so when I think of fly-fishing, my vision is fairly basic and based on the artistic simplicity of a beautiful cast and a serene nature of a swing for steelhead...when creek fishing- a slight flick of the line to cast the dry fly in the right spot...but in all honesty, I enjoy all aspects of fishing. I think to work harder to earn a good fish will always result in better kudos points, but ultimately, doing whatever it takes has its pros for sure.

    I have gear fished for bass... I have sturgeon fished... I love it all. I guess when I made my original argument against nymphing, I was just trying to create an argument. Things seem to easily get out of hand on here, so I have learned my lesson to keep my mouth shut in certain occasions. :)
  7. :beer2: Yes! Well said. It's so hard to say everything you want to express all in one paragraph on here, so for sure, it's all about having fun! I wouldn't be into this as deeply as I am at 27-years-old, if I wasn't having fun. Otherwise what's the point? :) Thank you for your support and comment. I look forward to many MANY great fly-fishing experiences to come. :)
  8. 10 pages, 10 fucking pages of: blah blah blah, swing, nymph blah blah, nymph, swing blah. Doesn't anyone fish? Oh fuck I forgot, everyone just boast how rad a fisherman they are on the internets.
  9. Wow...12 pages of a whole bunch of this...


    I think it is time to...


    Seriously...you guys actually care about how someone else chooses to enjoy themselves? You all sound like a bunch of yammering broads: "OMG!!! I canNOT believe what she is wearing. Uh...she is such a [insert descriptive noun here]." "Why is she dating HIM? He only makes $60,000-$90,000 and look at the car he drives...so last year." "What is with those shoes?" "Look at her hair." And so on.

    I even read (don't remember who, or what page) about someone holding back vomit because someone else didn't cast up to his standards. Did you think to stop and offer some pointers, or is it much more comfortable to come on the big wide interweb and snicker about the noobs?
  10. Burke, you run out of popcorn yet?
  11. Matt Burke? I don't believe he's been posting in here. He's probably busy overhead casting his spey rod on the river.

    Me, I ran out at page 10. But I just decided to get another bag going for page 20....

    there might be some burnt kernels to pick through :beathead:
  12. damn, good call...

    what if someone likes to nymph for steelhead with an old 7wt. bamboo rod?

    personally, I just caught my first fly-caught chromer on Wed. (figures it would come on a trout/chrome combo trip...only been a couple times before that) nymphing...on Sat, I'll be taking the old montague out to hopefully give it a workout utilizing (you guessed it) nymphs under a bobber (or indicator for you snobs out there)...do I feel guilty about that? hell no.
  13. I caught my first steelhead with a beer in my left hand, my rod in the other. Just half assed flicking a nymph setup a few feet off the side of our drift boat that was beached up while we had lunch. Bobber went down, beer went flying, steelhead started dancing. It was neat.

    If that's wrong when it comes to fly fishing, then I don't want to be right
  14. You're the big bad assed internet trouble maker, knock it off Evan:thumb:

  15. that sounds great and all, but I think you should have found a way to save that beer AND catch the fish...;)
  16. This thread has gone to hell and it ought to be locked down.
  17. Hey Evan!

    Somebody said something about someone being their idol. You're mine. :thumb:

    Oh no, I might have just killed this thread. bawling:
  18. Don't keep your mouth shut, you'll never really learn anything. There is a difference between a spirited debate and senseless and baseless ranting either to try and get a rise out of somebody, or because some people are so set in their ways that they refuse to consider an alternative point of view.

    Everything you mentioned up top are great reasons to want to get into flyfishing. You have to figure out why YOU are getting into it, and what YOU enjoy doing. I've run into some people who think that only dry fly fishing natural imitations tied with non-synthetic materials is "true" flyfishing. They'd have issues with everybody on this post.
  19. If you cut through the BS posts here, I think there is actually a pretty good discussion here. Yes, we all fish. If you are so annoyed by these posts, don't read them.
  20. I was drinking a "beer" that was of a variety that was out of character for me. I promise you this beer was by no means missed after its departure

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