Nymphing patterns

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  1. Tied these for nymphing.. Steelhead and trout... What do you all think? Top flies I tied for steelhead.. Bottom flies for trout... Going to the Wynoochee tomorrow..

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  2. Good Luck please post a report. Very interested as I usually don't use nymph flies for steelhead, but they are very nice ties.
  3. Back from fishing the Wynoochee River for steelhead... Tied some awesome looking flies... And forgot all of them at home LOL... I did swing flies with my spey rod.. No fish for me, I did see one in a hole though... SO MANY GEAR FISHERMAN IT WAS CRAZY!!! And the weather report was so far off!!! Before I went to the river I checked the weather... 41 degrees, sunny... Ended up getting rained on all day and then it snowed!!

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  4. Thanks for the report, sorry it didn't turn out better... but you gave it a shot, and thats what counts. My son and a friend went there today, haven't heard how they did.
  5. Too bad you left the flies at home, of course they would have worked perfect on a rainy snowy day ;)

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