Nymphing vs Swinging

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. [/YOUTUBE]

    The greatest debate ever
  2. Smells crazy stale up in here.
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  3. Yawn.
  4. did not know it was a repost
  5. this one goes back a while. video somehow gave Mumbles the fame he so desired. so much fame that he switched to Ed Call so everybody would know the true genious.....

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  6. Sorry, Ed. Haven't busted your chops in a while.
  7. I'm glad that this concept has come up again, there are a few points I'd like to make that I feel that as of yet have not been made. Let's start with...
  8. I agree with Kerry S...yawn. I do think that a chuckle from time to time is a good thing.
  9. Like NBC said in the 90's, "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!"

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  10. Center Pin
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  11. ... Wrong thread
  12. Depends on the offering whether this will be the first of ten pages... Bead, glow bug, roe sac, jig.........?????
  13. I can try to be inflammatory every once in a while :D Besides you can dredge a dirty bead rig and swing a fly with a center pin.
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  14. Actually this will be a classic for years to come...
  15. Serious question though. Is a swung bead pure of heart?
  16. It may have good intentions.
  17. what if its waking on the surface?
  18. Riffle hitched beads are certainly a pure form of swinging. You may need to switch to a Spin-n-glo to keep your presentation on the top. Wakes like a mad freak though, but you have to cut one wing off and pin it to keep it from fouling your flourocarbon leader.

    Real question...is nymphing and swinging really two quantum states of the same object? I mean when you tight line nymph the start of your presentation, yet allow it to swing through the end, is there a transition moment in the middle where you occupy two states at one time?

    Quantum of Nymphing?

    And, perhaps a more philosophical question, are you only a dirty ass nympher at the start of the presentation, transitioning to a noble purist at the end of your swing? Even if there is a bead trailing?

    What if you are using a sol duc spey to nymph? Are you less dirty or more dirty? Does the noble fly elevate your endeavors, or does the nymphing of such a classic further pull you down into the shanty town of "Nympherland?"

    Inquiring minds want to know...but not really ;-)
  19. I had not seen it before and it brought a chuckle to me. It also remind me of the interface on the web between different concepts. Any concept.

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