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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by MakoML, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Looking for a way to stow my 8' HD Aluminum oars out of the way while fishing stillwater in my ODC 1018 pontoon. I want to keep the handles within reasonable reach and don't want the blades resting on the pontoons.

    Any ideas especially "home crafted" solutions are appreciated. The Bucks Bags blade rests don't look like they will fit the 1-1/4" Aluminum frame tubing on the pontoon or the thicker oar shafts. The Outcast ones don't look like a good solution either.
  2. Mako,
    Check out the Creek Company Oar Keepers. Cabelas carries themat $25 pair. I have done slight modifications on them and used them on a couple different craft. They did need a little tweaking but worked fine.
  3. Are you talking about this one or the velcro strap one?

  4. The velcro strap one. I took the metal out of the sleeve and rebent it to accept full size oars and sewed more velcro on so I could get them where I wanted. Had one pair on a jet sled/driftboat hybrid (rougue marine stealth) that went around the gunnel and then the strap came back over the top to lock the shafts in. Then I could run the sled with the oars in the locks and just pop the blades out of those oar rests and row when needed. Another set modified for a two man cat. If you don't mind a little extra effort and can think creatively I think they work pretty well.

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