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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. So a few weeks ago, I got a smokin deal on a barely used Bucks Bags Bronco 9' pontoon boat. I took it out for a float down a section of river of moderate difficulty the week I got it and was very pleased with my purchase.

    One thing, however, is that I had never before rowed down a river without oar-rites of some type. I found myself in a few situations where I needed to row with all the force I could, only to find that one of my oars was just slapping the water and not accomplishing anything.

    I know I can get better at it with time... But I'm mildly concerned about a few more difficult rivers that I like to float. I just want to stack the deck in my favor.

    Anyways... I've been trying to shop online for various ways to add oar rites to my boat... But am not finding a whole lot. What can guys suggest that won't put me out a whole lot of money?
  2. Drive to Sportco in Fife, buy three oar rights (probably smalls based on your oars). If your oars are sleeved, great, oar rights and you are set. If not, get three of the small sleeves too. The reason I said to buy three is you better have a spare oar if you are in the rivers. You'll be glad you've got a spare at hand when you need it the most.
  3. I'll actually need different oar locks as well. Mine are the standard that come on Bucks Bags boats which are full circle, instead of having the "U" shape.
  4. They sell those too. They are only about 15 bucks a pair. You'll need a pair and a half.
  5. Will oar rights work on Bucks?
  6. They'll work on anything if you have the right oar locks.
  7. I mean, I had a Bucks, but it was like a clamp around the oars, and other Bucks I have seen are a circle. I have Oar Rights but I have the Horseshoe type Oar holder. How do you right an oar with the circle kind?
  8. Never mind, it has been years since I have been around a Bucks, but I see they have the same oar locks I have.
  9. I plan on replacing my oar locks with some that will accommodate oar rites.
  10. I also have those Carbon Fiber Oars (I think NRS) and with the slight spoon shaped blade, you really don't need the oar rights because they right themselves, in fact, Oar Rights make it tuff to row the opposite direction, but it can be done.

    Good news is, Oar Rights are allot cheaper....LOL
  11. Modify the oar grips so you can feel where you want them when you grab the oars, it can be done for free with small piece of plastic tubing and electrical tape that most guys have laying around the garage. Try that first and see if it helps.
  12. hrmm... Might have to try this. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. The only reason I use Oar Rites is when I'm anchored they keep the oars oriented to minimize swinging of the boat. I like the control, and ability to "feather" the oars in shallow water that Oar Rites don't allow you to do, so I mount the Oar Rites close enough to the oar handles so they don't come into play while I'm doing my normal rowing stroke. Rick
  14. I hate oar rites, DESPISE them. Only thing close to them I ever liked (and not 100%) were pin/clips. But that was for whitewatering. Even then, there were times I wish I could pull the oars up fast and up and out of the way. But they were nice on rough spots.

    But I had a set exactly for what Rick used them for. Kept the boat on keel. Still, took them off and don't use them. LOL. Eventually you'll learn to keep those oars in position. Better for you in the long run actually. Keep you automatic on what you're doing rowingwise. But Sportco does carry a good variety of them for different oar diameters.
  15. Switching to the standard oar lock is required, but shouldn't be too difficult on a bucks frame. I did this on my 10 year old frame and it took some modification, but not sure how much they have changed since.

    One trick with an Oar-Rite to restore some of the complete oar function is to cut the portion that runs down the oar shaft in half (about 1.5" long). This way, all you need to do is pull the oars in slightly and they can be rotated freely.
  16. I have the same pontoon and changed the oarlocks (NRS ones...expensive....probably overkill) and also added the small Oar-rites to the factory Bucks oars. They fit perfectly withour sleeves. WAY sweeter setup than the stock Bucks stuff.
  17. You aren't worried about wear without the sleeves?
  18. Lots of miles on this boat, oars are still in great shape. No slipage.
  19. Just asking. I have the Brass oar locks and the carbon oars with plastic (PVC) sleeves and those sleeve show allot of wear. Just wondered what the aluminum looked like. After seeing the PVC on mine, can imagine what the Fiberglass would look like on my oars.

    That is way cool though.

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