Occupy Skagit 1-2-3

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by miyawaki, Mar 30, 2014.

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    Stage 2 fell into place this morning. Here's how it works:

    Stage 1: Peaceful, Barbless Wade-In at Howard Miller - Mar. 29

    Stage 2: Media Awareness/Coverage - Mar. 30

    Stage 3: WDFW Commissioners Meeting - Apr. 12
    This is where we need you to come support and speak up.

    Wayne will soon post some simple talking points.

    If you couldn't be in Rockport, please try to show up in Olympia. It's going to happen folks, so be a part of it . . . and you'll soon be fishing in the spring in the Skagit and Sauk for wild winter steelhead!

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    Swaying government agencies take time. This is a slow process. Let's make and take the time.
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    If you made a big campaign contribution, you could have this tied up in a couple of minutes....
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