Occupy Skagit - 2014

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  1. Occupy Skagit 2014

    Last April we gathered at Howard Miller Steelhead park in Rockport to show support for changing the management paradigm for wild Skagit Steelhead. Currently, all of Puget Sound Steelhead are considered by the ESA as one Distinct Population Segment (DPS) and as such are listed by them as threatened to become an endangered species.

    The decision can be read here:

    The decision covers all of Puget Sound from the Elwah to the Canadian border, every piece of fresh water between these two points that dumps into the sound is affected by this listing. The health of each individual run is not considered on its own merit, but instead the entire area's steelhead are tainted with the aura of “nearing extinction”. While this may be true of many streams affected by the listing it is not true for all of them – the Skagit in particular continues to return healthy escapement numbers. These numbers can be seen to be fluctuating up and down in what many consider to be it's carrying capacity zone.

    Scientists can argue over the numbers, their validity and what they mean but here they are in ten year increments:
    1978 – 5,757 (the first year that I can find for WDFW escapement numbers)
    1983 - 7,732
    1993 - 6,900
    2003 - 6,818
    2013 – 8,800

    The goal of Occupy Skagit is to restore the Catch and Release Steelhead season on the Skagit that used to run for Feb 1 – April 30.

    In order for this season to be granted by NOAA and NMFS a basin specific Steelhead Management Plan agreed upon by all parties, WDFW and Tribes, needs to be submitted and approved.

    Is it possible?
    It was done for Chinook (almost instantaneously I might add) and it can certainly be done for Steelhead.

    The event last April garnered the notice that it was intended to. Believe it or not, we were actually recognized and discussed in the halls of bureaucracy. The wheel is starting to turn, but it has yet to gather it's own momentum. It needs another push!

    There are two events scheduled with the meeting in Olympia being the single most important thing you could attend. Rockport is fun, but the real deal is in Olympia.

    Occupy Skagit - March 29th
    Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport

    Occupy Skagit Commissioners Meeting - April 12th 8:30 am
    Natural Resources Building
    1111 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA - First Floor, Room 172
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  2. Nice, short and concise. I would urge all who care to be there. And let's get to making some signs to hold!

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  3. Attached is a PDF file about the Occupy that can be printed out and distributed.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Bring Back Feb Mar Apr​
    Catch & Release​
    No More​
    Spring Closure!​
    Catch & release​
    Who's Making​
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  5. You are! :)
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  7. TTT

    Only a couple of more weeks. Please attend if you can. The more that show up the louder our voice and hopefully more will hear what we have to say.
  8. The smell in the air these days, smells like the Skagit. I can not fish the Skagit though. In a couple weeks I'll be on a ferry to fish other rivers, with lower run sizes. I'd rather be on the Skagit.

    I will be attending Occupy Skagit.

    Go Sox,
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  9. I'll be there too! And am planning on going to the WDFW meeting on the 12th!
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  10. Anyone interested in carpools?

    I'll be heading up from Seattle, and I have a Vanagon that is fun to ride in and seats 5 in addition to me. Two of those spots might be taken. Reply here or PM me if you are interested!

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  11. Ooh. Also will be headed down to the meeting on the 12th!
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  12. sad that it doesn't matter what ferry or highway you are on, the skagit now has one of the largest returns of wild winter steelhead anywhere.
  13. Hasn't it always?

    There certainly has been a reduction in abundance in the rivers to the South and North in the Salish sea. The Penninsula rivers seem to be about the same as always....netted to the min. escapement line. BC winter rivers are all over the place. I'm hopeful that the Islands runs are recovering after years of rediculous logging.

    Go Sox,
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  14. The San Juan is one such river, when I was a young teenager we fished the San Juan a few times and did well. I had the biggest steelhead I've ever seen on for a while( or should I say he had me on), but lost him. We fished it for 4 days and saw 0ne bankie and two guys in a drift boat, that was it. They logged the livin fuck outa that place. But I digress, see you @ O/S, I'll drive if you want Charles.
  15. I'll be doing my best to make it up to Occupy. Curious, does this turn into a spey clave of sorts? I can always use the extra practice if that's the norm. If not, I'll leave the big stick at home and not worry about it--sign only. Here’s a few I’m considering:

    Raising awareness,
    one released
    fish at a time.

    C&R is part
    of the solution.
    Not the problem.

    Fly fishers give
    fish a voice.
    They say
    let us fish.

    We care,
    spend, catch,
    and release.
    We protect.

    An open C&R season
    means open wallets.

    We care enough
    to C&R. Let us fish!
  16. As we were leaving last year a small group of guys were in the river casting. Nothing organized but it seemed clavish.

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  17. I will be there with a sign that says, C&R means Catch and Release.
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  18. CJ,

    I'll be in touch. I may have my kids or I may not. If not, I'll take you up on the offer.

    Go Sox,

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