Occupy Skagit is on Facebook

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Chris DeLeone, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. It all started right here on WFF -
    Please check out the Occupy Skagit Page on Facebook, join it and pass it on to your fishing buddies by sharing it on your personal page. We are planning to meet, set some goals and pass that information back to you - the anglers that want to Catch and Release Wild Skagit Steelhead in February, March and April.


    Thanks for your time,
    Chris DeLeone
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  2. Let's go for it guys!

  3. Guess I'll have to join the face just to keep up.
  4. What's Facebook?

    OK, I know what it is, sort of. But I can't figure out how it works, what it does, and therefore why anyone gives a shit about it.
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  5. Good luck guys. That river should absolutely be open for the spring fishery!
  6. Great cause. Always looking for something real from Fbook, not the usual pictures of what someone had for lunch!!! Not crazy about the name tho. Visions of blue tarps, pot smoke, and un-showered hippies lining the river!
  7. What's wrong with ". . . blue tarps, pot smoke, and un-showered hippies lining the river?"
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  8. Nothing - add some beer and maybe chili to the mix and we will get more folks out
    Don't worry this OS will leave the river cleaner than it was - if your a true Steelheader, you have pick up your share of someone else's shit in a run you like to fish.

    Pots legal now anyway.
  9. We are fly fishermen for the most part. Not plunkers. Although pot smoke and lack of showers do come into play.
  10. LOL, "I have a dream.... That someday we'll be able to smoke pot and fish the Skagit, all legally in the same day."
  11. ". . . and be legally married to a gay fishing partner?" (just trying to be inclusive and stay with the newly legal theme.)
  12. Do whatever trips your trigger or floats your boat. :)
  13. Ok...I'm going to need to know when and exactly where you guys are 'fishing' just so I don't round a turn in the trail and...er...have to turn back.
  14. Don't bend down.
  15. With an internal combustion engine too.
  16. SG this is giving a new meaning to 'low holing" on the river - to each his own I guess
  17. eeewww.... you just had to go there didn't you.
  18. Keep your waders up, and you'll be safe.

    I don't want "Occupy Skagit" to have such widespread appeal that I can't even find an open pool to fish next April.
  19. I hear there might be a 'sneak preview' on the 19th...:)

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