Occupy Skagit Redux

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  1. After aquiring new information and reconsidering the impact that this event can have if timed properly, it has been moved up to April 6th. We are fortunate that of the nine commissioners, one of them lives in Skagit County and one in Whatcom County. This event, as Leland perfectly phrased it, a "Wade In" is going to be in their backyard one week before their April meeting. Its a perfect opportunity to let them help take the message to WDFW and others.
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  2. OCCUPY SKAGIT ~ the mother of all wade ins!

    Hope to see as many of you as can make it. Start planning now. If we can get enough people to join in they will notice.
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  3. April 6th is a date I can make.
  4. I'll be there. I'm sure this info will come out later, but if there is a chance to do a bit of a meet up that morning, I think that would be great. I'd like to put some faces to you guys, and maybe even learn a bit first hand about the river. I've never fished there myself, though I hope to get up there sometime before April if it's possible/open.

    Anyway, looking forward to this.


  5. Jason,

    There will be plenty more information to come. We finalized the date last night and we have some other things in the works that will be presented here. Everything is still in the planning stages although there are those of us that want this to go off as a grass roots protest without a ton of planning and organization. Reality says to have something that is effective there needs to be certain aspects of our protest well planned and organized. Keep checking in as others will be giving out more information as it becomes available. One thing that will get us attention is having as many people join in as possible. April 6, 2013. Thanks for your support.
  6. 4-20 had a nice ring to it! But thats a 10-4 on the 4-6. Who's cookin???
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  7. Hmm, suppose I can't think of a better thing to do on my birfday than stand in the Skagit
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  8. I'm pretty pumped - keep it in context because I am aged - the 6th is great.
  9. Occupy Skagit! Save the date: Saturday, April 6. Come join the Wade-In into the Skagit and cast yarn to force the WDFW to recognize our desire to bring back the C&R season to the Skagit and Sauk. Go to Occupy Skagit, https://www.facebook.com/OccupySkagit?ref=ts&fref=ts and "like" for updates and info. Post your pics!
  10. Do it.

    Go Sox,
  11. Has anyone thought to include folks that fish gear.....? Other fishing sites, the numbers could double with an all across the board frontline of like minded steelheaders ,just sayin. Ill do my best to be there myself! I wish us luck, I remember having to renew my licence to keep fishing the spring run....
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  12. Gotta agree with Bhudda, getting gear fishers involved would really take Occupy Skagit to the next level of effectiveness as far as getting attention.

    I know many gear fishers that are just as passionate about the loss of the C&R season on the Skagit as we are. It would also send the message that Occupy Skagit is not about how we each choose to fish for Steelhead, it's about our shared -opportunity- to be able to fish the Skagit during those peak months.

    I'll be there!


  13. Yes, we thought of it and yes everyone is invited and we are reaching out. Just because I stated yarn flies on a fly fishing site, don't think that I won't edit it to apply to all fishing persuasions.

  14. Any and all are invited; we don't care what people fish with or how they fish, even bead fishers and plunkers. Personally I draw the line at gill netters.
  15. I am not registered at any gear-fishing sites. I would urge those of you that are to spread the word and refer them to these threads. Remember...no hooks!
  16. I will forgo the yarn fly for a 2/5oz 50/50 hammered spoon, sans hook.
  17. I'm going to tie a bunch of Burnt Toasts
  18. Couple questions. Do you need or have a permit? Is there a bathroom on site or have you rented a porta potty? What was the rental fee for the site? DId you buy any liability insurance for you event? Who is responsible for cleaning up the site? Or is this a true occupy event where you disregard the rules while leaving waste and litter everywhere but justify it thinking that getting together and doing nothing is saving the world? Has anyone contacted the local authorities? We have seen these "Occupy sites" turn ugly leading to crimes like rape and molestation. These events seem to draw the homeless and felon looking to take advamtage of the anarchy.

    Good luck.
  19. I have a hard time believing homeless anarchists are going to hike all the way to the Skagit river for a cause they've never heard of.
  20. Looking forward to this, but a question: Just wade in anywhere? I don't know the Skagit at all, but LOVE the Sauk. Where is a good place for a Skagit rookie to go?

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