Occupy Skagit Redux

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by _WW_, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. This is a one day event. Not a months long protest. Chill out, bro.

  2. I posted this to gamefishin.com. I hadn't been on that board for a couple of years. Read a bit of the board and could see nothing has changed. I am sure my posting will get mixed reviews.
  3. Oh I'm chillin out just fine. Sorry to ask a few of simple questions. Toilets? Permit? Notify the authorities?

    Not attacks just questions. Again good luck.
  4. Toilets - are located at most boat launches and Howard Miller Steelhead Park has some very nice facilities.
    I'm sure you have been out in the woods before and know how to...er...take care of business.
    Permits - Be sure to have your Discover Pass and WDFW Access Pass depending on where you decide to pull over and park.
    Authorities? - I have yet to notify the authorities when I decide to go out and enjoy the great outdoors...unless you mean my wife.

    Dude, we aren't renting a site, we aren't selling tickets, it ain't the freaking carnival - we are wading in the river and casting lines with no hooks. I expect you to behave like your mother is watching.

    Anyone tries to rape me up there and I'll show 'em something they've never seen before - the other end of that thing.
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  5. Sounds like you got it handled. Good luck.
  6. Rest assured, most of the people that are going to show up for this event, because of their age will not have the energy to commit any of these crimes .. And its to far out of the way for anybody thats not into steelhead fishing to drive to even if they knew where to go..
  7. I hope that after all this you are going to show up?

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  8. After all what? Asking 5 or 6 simple questions. No I'm not driving 7 hours on a work day to support an "occupy" event. Leland don't you run a retail shop? Would you take a saturday off in the first couple weeks of your 6 month season? I won't but thanks for asking.

    Good luck with your "occupy" Skagit.
  9. well if I can't bring my corkline ,would my two handed skagit tenkara rod be okay?
  10. I do have issues with tenkara but they are a personal problem; please show up.
  11. Have it on my calendar and planning on it!
  12. Direct your blatantly obvious negativity to another thread that isn't trying to fight for something good. This isn't an anarchist movement. It's a bunch of devoted fishermen making a completely legal statement about the current conditions. Take a step back and see what happens.
  13. I stated "good luck" and the bottom of each series of questions. You must have missed it. I was only wondering the logisics of putting together an occupy gathering? I was only asking a simple question.
  14. I most definitely didn't miss your friendly final words in each of your posts. Claim all you want that you meant well with your posts, but the passive aggressive bull shit was more than obvious.
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  15. So you are calling me a liar?
  16. The logistics are pretty basic - "Hey everyone, lets all show up on the river April 6th and pretend to fish for steelhead."
  17. I still love the "if you pretend to manage the state for steelhead, I'll pretend to fish for them" statement.

    Count me in, looking forward to it.
  18. I think he called you passive aggressive which is a long way from being called a liar. Reading comp skills are a must when using the internet.

    Come if you want. This is going to happen. We would like for as many as can come to do so.
  19. Maybe we can put you on the bench in case somebody goes down...

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