Occupy Skagit Redux

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  1. I'm thinking it's all in your context on here. And with "Good luck" in the context is the same as saying "With all due respect", usually it's not sincere. And I know, I say both myself lol. But questions you asked aren't relevant. Permits? Toilets, etc. This isn't a tournament of any sort, so permits won't be needed. I'm sure the amount of guys there will be no different then some of the bigtime hatchery holes you'll see out there during prime fishing season (I counted over 150 guys fishing Minter Creek in November, anyone who's been there can attest to size and how crowded that'd be). State doesn't put in toilets at those holes usually (unless there's a state launch nearby). Garbage? It's like anytime someone goes to the water, you pack it in, you pack it out. There should be NO NEED to have garbage cans on hand. Toilets would be nice, but at same time, they aren't there usually anyways.

    And, to play devils advocate. I'm assuming he's thinking it's an actual "Occupy" movement. Which I know it's not. Or God I hope it's not. I've seen first hand what is left after the Occupy people leave. It's a pure mess. But again, I'm assuming people aren't camping out on the river bank. It's a day of casting practice.
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  2. Good luck with your event.
  3. I'm wondering where to show.
  4. Woah
  5. So far, the location is Howard Miller Park, time TBD. It is, after all April 6, a wee bit away from now.

  6. If we get enough people, it would be nice to have a group in an area that is a little more visible than howard miller. After all we are trying to draw attention to our action.
  7. Anyone at Youngs Bar in Mount Vernon?
  8. Just what I was thinking
  9. As we get closer to the day more details will be worked out.

    Young's bar is visible - but that is its only redeeming quality, and even that is questionable. We need to be upriver, surrounded by scenery and water that more truly represents the experience of Steelhead fishing on the Skagit and Sauk.

    I can see a before and after at Howard Miller tho...
  10. I'm just kind of brain storming. But why not choose a couple of visible locations on the Skagit, and another on the Sauk. (As far as the Sauk is concerned, the gravel bar below the mouth of the Suiattle is visible to anyone traveling on Highway 530.) I guess that I am just a little concerned that this will turn out to look more like a spey clave rather than fishermen who, by all appearances, are actually fishing. Anyhow, that is why I am thinking that it would be good to have a couple of different locations that could be visited throughout the day.
  11. We have discussed informing several media outlets of our protest. Nothing has been finalized yet but we have it in the works. I will be spending some of my time photo documenting what is happening on the river and will be moving up and down the river in the sled to cover as much of the protest as possible. I am sure a few others will be doing the same. Keep the ideas coming.
  12. I'm thinking, if it's to be a "protest", you want it to be accessible for camera crews to get in easily and film/interview. This does no good if the word isn't spread and can be seen by viewers state/nationwide. A quick clip with no footage usually is biapassed by viewers IMHO (I know it does for me). You get more of an impact if they can see all these crazy steelheaders fishing with no lures to prove a point. :)
  13. A big determining factor will be how many people show up. We need enough to make it look like a crowd...if we can get enough to make several crowds...well that is even better. Of course locations will also require ample parking and elbow room for casting.

    I know there is plenty of time, but I think I better go scout it out tomorrow. :)
  14. HOw bout big flags/banners whipping in the wind of those sleds. I think if it is done right it would look good and do well with others to "visualize" everything. IF a big banner on all the jet boats that read...."if the WDFW pretends to manage the fish... We will pretend to fish as well".... Something like that.
  15. Along with the crowds idea: what if we plan on setting up camp at several, well-known and visible runs with plenty of water to swing through.

    We get a nice crowd at each run, and we take turns swinging through it. That way, there are people fishing, but also people standing on the bank maybe holding protest signs/banners, and able to speak with folks or media who might stop to do interviews, etc.

    Anyway, that seems like one possible way to organize ourselves.

  16. Crowds? Media interest? Does anyone really expect the media to take an interest in something this obscure? I don't. Maybe I set my expectations too low.

    Crowds? This is Occupy Skagit, not Occupy Wall Street. I don't fish, or non-fish, on crowded sidewalks. IMO Sauk Bar is adequate for 6 to 8 fly casters at most. Most places, much less. Howard Miller is the most accessible location I can think of, and there's room for what, 5 or 6 casters?

    If the purpose of OS is to gain WDFW attention that we want the CNR season restored from Concrete to Marblemount, and on the Sauk River, then maybe protest non-fishermen should be strung out along the entire distance. I don't think the intent is to make it easy for an observer to see all the non-fishing protesters casting in one place. It's like eagle watching, ya' gotta' get out and move around and have a look.

    WDFW LE will know about it and probably come check for a few non-hooks and maybe non-licenses. They will be the ones to inform management and the Commission that, yep, a protest fishery-non-fishery took place.

  17. Hey, we can dream can't we?

    I was thinking along the lines of a few outdoor writers and perhaps an outdoor radio show or two. I sort of doubt we are going to get Eric Johnson of Komo 4 doing a piece on us like Eric's Fishing Heros.
  18. I do know a few of the NW outdoors crew, may tell them about it (if they don't know already).
  19. Media (and I don't mean network or affiliate stations) is digging for anything nowadays. Why else do we hear of a train hitting a car in Iowa? Or a cow falling over on the side of the road in Oklahoma? Do not underestimate the need for the "news" media to report

  20. fail

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