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  1. Interesting thought....

    on that note, I got nothing to do this sat. (tomorrow)
    don't feel like heading up north again, though I bet kerry would
    like what I was catching...(cutties taking dries)

    So if I wanted to do some practice on the skagit lets say...I call fish and game and tell them that's what I am planning on doing?

    Anyone else looking to kill some time and maybe do a bit of exploring for the upcoming season?
  2. hey guys....Mac is right...note the smiley face, it was in jest.....
  3. Most all the "Occupy" events have involved vandalism. Most of the fishermen I know are of the wrong political persuasion and hold private ownership in too high regard to get involved in vandalism.
  4. The people who are doing the vandalism are the black block ( anarcists), who hide their faces when they protest, they are not part of the occupy movement.

    I think a fish in would be a great idea, not just on the Skagit but on every P.S. river that was closed early. It would have to be publicized and coordinated to get some attention and have any effect.
  5. "Most all the "Occupy" events have involved vandalism. Most of the fishermen I know are of the wrong political persuasion and hold private ownership in too high regard to get involved in vandalism."

    True Dat! I'm an Independant, a progressive, an NRA member, and a subscriber to The Economist, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Mother Jones, and I support all of the above! The overwhelming majority of "potitical persuasions" reject vandalism and support private ownership. To assume that such is the sole provenance of any one group or party would be an oversimplified analysis of a complex political landscape. In this country, citizens can and do choose to "occupy" without violence and/or vandalism.
  6. So when is the date for "Occupy Skagit?" I may need to do some planning.
  7. I like Charles Sullivan's suggestion of 4-20, has a nice ring to it.
  8. I think we should wait until 2014 to have a "fish In" with the return numbers low in 2009 (somewhere in the 2125 range) those fish would be coming back in 2013 - we need to see where the nunbers are for that run of fish. I fully support a CnR fishery and don't agree with NOAA, the State and most of our eco-fish groups that closing down the CnR fishery is the answer - but fishing when returns are low is not in the best interest of the fish. So if we see a return of 5,000 to 7,000 fish in 2013 - then we have some room to talk about reopening the Skagit. Just my thoughts - but if the fish in is next year, than its next year and I WILL BEL THERE!!
  9. Thread has been cleaned up. Back on topic.
  10. Occupy Skagit

    I started this thread as more of an exploratory venture, something to gauge interest and attitudes about the concept of a peaceful plea for, I don't know, maybe public recognition of something that was once great but is now lost. So far lots of good stuff has surfaced. As Kerry observed, if 2 people participate then it doesn't get noticed. If 200, 250, 300, or more do it then it has a chance to become an event that gets noticed. And if it gets noticed, then perhaps, just maybe, something will change.

    I have no illusions that 100 fly fisherman 'complaining' in public will carry the same weight as 100 commercial fisherman with an agency mandated to “to maintain the economic well-being and stability of the fishing industry in the state” but only required to “attempt to maximize the public recreational game fishing” <----- That last part right there...that's us folks. We are not getting “maintained” we are just getting “attempted” ... or as my pappy used to say, “We suckin' that 'hind titty boy!”

    Anyway, enough of all that same old news that everyone knows. Let's try to move ahead with the topic of conversation.

    Which is - Occupy Skagit.
    What is it? A peaceful gathering.
    Why is it? A chance to say something while we pretend to fish.
    When is it? Probably April 20th 2013
    Where is it? Duh....

    Important things to know:

    The date was not chosen to coincide with any “dope event” “beer fest” “astronomical alignment” or “UFO Arrival” It was chosen because it is a Saturday in late April and hopefully the weather will be nice...but if you must find some deeper meaning then consider that it's close to Earth day which is also my birthday :)

    This is not a “Fish In” In all likelihood the river will be closed and if you tie on a hook you may be charged with poaching and receive a free ride in an enforcement vehicle. I will not be fishing in any way, shape, or form. I plan to have no hooks on my person or in my vehicle. My plan is to test the durability and airflow dynamics of various materials as they relate primarily to the double and single spey cast in a real world situation.

    Bring your waders. This is not a lawn event.

    How to do it. Show up, suit up, walk in to your favorite spot and pretend to fish. Be sure to wave, smile, and generally be friendly to everyone you might see. You know, have fun! Then go to another spot and do it again...just like real fishing. :)

    Respect private property at all times.
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  11. WW,

    If all you "protesters" are gonna' walk in, I might just drag my boat up to spread out the action a little. Still, no hooks, just straight shanks. Then maybe meet up at HMSP for a potluck and a beer?

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  12. I vote for an occupy the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife in Olympia and/or Seattle. If a couple hundred people show up and protest with signs about the Skagit and the OP etc, and the media gets involved, it might actually turn a few heads. Has anything ever been done like this? If we all meet out at the skagit, don't think it would get the "kick" it deserves.
  13. If we plan to occupy the Seattle WDFW office we might have a hard time finding it. It moved out of town in the1980s to Mill Ck. And actually I don't think it would be any more productive to protest at a WDFW office. Get the media involved and say what? "We're pissed because WDFW closed the rivers we want to fish because the steelhead runs are ESA listed and under-escaped!" It's a lot easier to spin the situation against us than for us. "After all we just want to interupt the steelhead's migration to the spawning grounds and play with them for a few minutes, because yes, we are that sick."
  14. They can spin it that way wherever we meet. Much easier and broader visibilty if it is done where lots of people can see us.
  15. If I'm asked what the hell I'm doing out there it will be a quick and easy answer.
    "If WDFW and the Co-Managers are going to pretend to manage our fish, then I'm going to pretend to fish for them."
  16. Casting practice in wdfw's parking lot? I think it makes more sense to do this on the river. If you want the media involved tell them we are out there and perhaps someone might show up. If so then they see people actually on the river doing what we enjoy doing and they might even figure out why we are there.
  17. Those are two pretty frickin' awesome quotes.

    I like the idea of a fish-in on the Skagit in April. If you could get a hundred guys up fishing with no hook points in closed waters, I gotta think one of the big-name outdoor writers would do a story and it would make some press...and hopefully raise the awareness of the situation. Maybe we could get some of the big-name Spey dudes/sponsors/reps involved and have a Spey Clave?
  18. That has the potential to become a classic line. Love it!
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  19. I'm in....If we lack media attention we can take pictures and send them into the various local papers...
    Great idea and I think the line ...
    "If WDFW and the Co-Managers are going to pretend to manage our fish, then I'm going to pretend to fish for them."

    should be printed up as our banner....

    steelhead park? 4/10​
  20. OK - I'm In

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