Occupy Skagit

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  1. Now that the time and place have been set - Apr. 6. 9AM at Howard Miller Steelhead Park, in Rockport, for our Wade-In, let's talk about signs and banners. After all, a protest is not a protest without a bunch of flag waving, banner carrying protester yahoo types going nutso and mugging for the camera!
    Don't forget that we are an equal opportunity protest for all steelheaders of all persuasion, all families, all gear, fly and otherwise.
    Occupy Skagit 04/06/13​
    Catch and Release is Not a Crime!​
    Open for C&R Now!​
    WDFW & NMFS​
    Let our steelhead go!​
    Stop Holding our Steelhead Hostage​
    Open the Skagit Now!​
    I should be holding a fishing pole!​
    Not this damn sign!​
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  2. Lifting a beer, since I can't lift a fish
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  3. Nice! Keep 'em coming.

  4. "Screw the fags feel the drag"

    "lets be real we want steel"

    "f!$K police, catch and release"
  5. Too damn funny. We know who isn't politically correct around here. LOL!
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  6. you may see me there with a mullet wig and bright neon 80's throwbacks
  7. "Waterboarding is torture. Catch and release is healthy exercise."
  8. "There ain't no Head like Steelhead!"
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  9. "Hey Jay, I'd Pay to Play!!"
  10. Quit being a tease, let us catch and release.
  11. Let's see some signs and banners 4/6!

  12. dont be a fa!Ggit open the skagit

    another politically correct one
  13. Hey Bass Turds,

    Maybe you can incorporate the "N" word into one, as well. That would probably be really funny.
  14. im good surprised i havent got a complaint yet for my sarcastic ones already
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  16. Bring your see-gars, guys!
  17. BBQ anyone?
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  18. Im serious..... lets throwdown some grub....dogs,boogers,brats,and corn
  19. We're thinking of eating and drinking at some establishment on the river to spread a few bucks around as a show of faith.

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  20. Even better Leland!! I retract my BBQ and will try and stay away from taco trucks:)

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