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  1. It's baaaacccckkkkkk.
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  2. Where can I go to learn more about this as far as its cause, reason, backround, ect. I have no idea what this is.
  3. You should send FreestoneAngler a PM; he's an expert on OS.
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  4. Look at the top of the Steelhead Forum and the first thread is Occupy Skagit Defined

    The Mighty Skagit had over 8,500 wild Steelhead return last spring and anglers did not have the opportunity for a CnR season.
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  5. Good!! Not to be missed by his Nibs here.
  6. Kerry, have you set meeting location and time yet? I'll see if I can bring 3 others with me.
  7. ill go this year since i wont be drinking till 4 am in the morning like last year
  8. I'd be up for drifting a hookless PW thru some tasty slots... ;)
  9. I plan on being there.

  10. Don't forget the commissioners meeting this year!
  11. I will go but if I get a shit ton of hits on a fly with no hook I am going to be really pissed.
  12. Date, place &time?
  13. I am booking a motel as we speak
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  14. Most probably the event will be held at and around Howard Miller Steelhead Park in Rockport
  15. Count me in.
  16. funny - I looked - a lot of reading for sure - funny comment

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