Ocean Shores surf perch on gear

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by CovingtonFly, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. koolminx

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    Thanks a schittload! I really appreciate the tip!

    Leaving now!
  2. koolminx

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    I went and conquered! First cast I got a 5 inch long Flounder....

    Second cast, a 6" Bullhead, then nothing for two day's... :D :D :) :)

    I loved it though... :)
  3. Zack Dudley

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    nope been diving near there and havent seen any surf perch i wouldnt waste my time.
  4. salt dog

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    For anyone interested, Shewey wrote a book, Northwest Flyfishing, that has a chapter on this seldom performed but awesome art of flyfishing for ocean perch. This is not for the feint of heart in adventure, and it's better performed in a wet suit instead of waders.

    Those looking for a hint on where to go, long flat beaches with a shallow incline, like at Ocean Shores, are not conducive to fly fishing, though can be done with gear. Look for a steeper incline in the beach that allows you to cast over the breaking waves. Sink tip with weighted clouser, and a 6 to 8 wt rod, depending on the wind. The fish are not that big that you need anything over a 6 wt rod, but typically you have big wind blowing in your face, and an ability to haul cast, and jump waves, is essential… Never turn your back on the surf, and bring your sense of humor: there is a very wet learning curve. :)

    An additional article on West Coast fishing I found somewhere on the web, by Ken Hanley, Fly Fishing Afoot in the Surf Zone, Frank Amato Publications, 1999.
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    Go get some of that spider thread not the magic thread. That spider thread stuff is good shit, all you do is just wrap it around a few times, snap off and presto sand shrimp stays on. You also don't have to worry about trying to tie knots and stuff to get it to stay on, it sticks to itself.:thumb:
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    I didn't use shrimp, but I did use Tube Worm and got crap ton's of bites, but never found any good spots to fish in... I should have went north about 80 miles and fished in the rocks.

    Where are all the salmon this time of year if I wanted to go fishing for them without a boat and I'm in the Port Orchard area?

    Maybe I should have opened a new thread... :D
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    Oops, didn't realize I was responding to a question that was asked two years ago. Maybe I should read the dates.:D
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    I thought the same thing until I found out I was going to spend a week at ocean shores... :D
  9. CovingtonFly

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    Guys gear fish at Ocean Shores down by the Jetty. I've tried wading a little there and it is definately tough on the legs and not what I would classify as "safe."
    My cousin just got back from there and he put in his 7 foot livingston on the grays harbor side to drop some crab pots. That is not only not "safe" but "crazy" also.
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    I like "crazy". On the Skagit me and my buddy couldn't get out to the fish so we used an intertube tide to a rope. One fishing from the tube out in the current while the other held on to the rope from shore. One of those things you don't tell your mom about:D