October Caddis Swap and Face to Face Event

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  1. It hurts me to say this but I probably haven't tied or fished for 2 weeks now.. Too much traveling and afternoon storms out here in Idaho along with trying to focus on priorities so I can move back to Seattle... After this weekend I think I'll have some time to tie and fish.
  2. I've decided on what pattern and am in the process of getting the materials. Are we tying one or two for each participant? If two, I'll do two variations of the same nymph.
  3. The pattern I'll be tying is one that I'm going to try to commercially tie. It's beautiful, heavy, and realistic. I call it the Dragonfire OC Pupa.
  4. I see lots of folks signing up to tie nymphs so I'm going to sign up for a dry fly.
  5. thinking of a swinging pupae with a stinger.
  6. Good idea.
  7. Since I never got an answer to last week's question about one fly or two, I'm just going to tie one.
  8. Yeah, just I'm going to just go with one.
  9. After much dicking around, I finally have a pattern. Did I miss the exact due date?
  10. Due date is beginning of October, so your good:)
  11. one fly
    Ron you should tie two
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  12. event is October 11, 2014
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  13. Ok I figured out the pattern I am tying this weekend P1010235.JPG P1010238.JPG P1010242.JPG
  14. sweet fish, killer looking bug, but. . . .THAT HAT!!!!
  15. Steamboat Willy in sun glasses
    everyone needs a lucky fishing hat
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  16. I have three left to go and could use an address
  17. Done with mine, unfortunately can't make the face-to-face so they'll be shipped out shortly.
  18. I can send address to those mailing them
    who is still up for the face to face part
    seems like that is now not working for some
    So I am sorting out who can make it and who can't

    please let me know
  19. I'll need an address to mail them out. I won't be able to make the face to face.
  20. I'll be at the face to face swap.

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