October Events at Orvis Bellevue

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    Saturday, Oct 12 - Orvis Days - Free seminars, beer and chili cookoff

    12PM - 1PM Steelhead and the Methow River
    Each year we hear stories about the fabulous fishing on the Met. Make this the year that you are the on telling the stories! Join guide Al Parke as he provides his insights, tips and strategies.

    2PM - 3PM Fall Strategies and Fly Selection for Trout
    Orvis Bellevue Fishing Manager, Jason Cotta will discuss the changes in strategy, gear and flies you need to make for successful fly fishing for trout.

    4PM - 5PM
    Fishing the Upper Columbia for Trophy Trout
    If you enjoy hearing your reel sing, seeing you backing disappear at an alarming rate, and catching huge trout, you want to hear guide Al Parke. The upper Columbia has stunning views and arguably the best trophy trout fishing in the state.

    12PM - 4PM
    Win $100 Gift Certificate at our Chili Cook Off!
    Steal a recipe or use your grandma's secret one. Simply cook it at home and bring it to the shop in a small crockpot or slow cooker. All our customers will be tasting and judging. If your's is the best, you get the gift card.

    12PM - 5PM
    Big Sky Brewery Beer Tasting
    Nuff said.

    See you there!


    Orvus Bellevue
    10223 NE 10th st
    Bellevue, WA 98004
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    Now there's a typo. I've had trouble posting so I went to the library and ended up on a 30 minute computer. Even with my speedy two fingered hunt and peck, I barely made it. Had no time to proofread. That's how I I got an Orvus.

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    What was the winning chili recipe? Was it as good as my special road-kill?

    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Lex Story was the winner. Don't know if it was better than yours because you were a no show.