October Fly Salon - Green Butt Skunk

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  1. Since I am new to the Fly Salon, I'm glad the instructions were posted after the General Practitioner, otherwise we may have had an orphaned custom here at my expense.

    I ran a search to make sure that I don't repeat a theme. I know steelhead wet flies have already been done, but if we tighten our resolution, we can have a theme within a theme. So, I present this months Salon - Dan Callahan's Green Butt Skunk. I have seen hundreds of renditions of the theme and Joel La Follette has a display of them in his Royal Treatment Fly Shop. Some of them are out there and some adhere to tradition. It doesn't matter what your take of the theme is, as long as it looks like a Green Butt Skunk.

    I divide my time equally between tradition and innovation.
    Here are two version of mine.
    Pro Tube - GB Skunk

    And something a bit more formal

    Have fun
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  2. Three months of steelhead swinging patterns... Bummer! Time to tie my Greenbuttronomid!
  3. Great choice, on of my favorite patterns.
  4. who said it had to be a steelhead fly? It could be a green butt stonefly? anything goes. Saltwater fly? Green Butt Crab? Green Butt Bass Popper....you get my drift.
  5. Green-Butt Puget. kind of a crummy photo, cuz the biots on top blend in with the partridge. Oh well.

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  6. I give you the "Green Butt WTF." Flashy string leech FTW.

    2013-10-02 17.32.22.jpg
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  7. Is that what happens when you leave a jar of Nutella in front of a spade fly?
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  8. Shhhh....that was a secret :)
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  9. Withdrawing from salon.
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  10. Jack what program or app are you using to create that effect of your photo?
  11. I know there has got to be a hook in there somewhere.
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  12. Yep, its super stealth.
  13. Look back through the fly swap galleries. I think we did a GBS swap a few years ago.
  14. Doh, just went back and looked. Swap was in 2010, but looks like photos were never posted.
  15. Darn, I performed a search and didn't find any evidence but thought it was an obvious choice and would have been done before. Oh well, be creative as you can and think outside the box. Lets see something other than steelhead flies posted?
  16. What hook is that? An Owner? I like the pattern and can see it done in a variety of colors.
  17. Does a Clouser qualify?

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  18. The Green But WTF was designed from post spawn Sheefish. :p
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