October Fly Salon - Green Butt Skunk

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  1. That's a Gamakatsu Barbless Octopus, if I remember correctly. Glad you like the pattern! :D
  2. I'll call this one the green butt de-skunk-er, I dont tie many steelhead flies But I looks pretty fishy to me.
  3. Haven't tied a steelhead fly in a while. A little sloppy with the floss work and head, but I am glad I gave it a go, as now I want to tie some more! Picture doesn't show the fore-body very well: Black floss leads into black "aquatic mammal" fur dubbbing. Collar is sparse Vulturine (sp?) Guinea Hen.

    Any tips for floss? I am sure a lot of it is the quality of floss I am using - Red is 2 strand Rayon, Chartreuse is 4 strand something, which I only used 1 strand of...seems like when you use more than one, the strands separate a bit and can produce some less than flat areas.

    Had never seen this fly-salon thing before, I like it! Hoping to participate each month.
    DSC_0583 - edit 1.jpg
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  4. James, I can never wrap a clean rayon floss body. I use japanese silk for most of my classics, 2 strands at a time for silk. I also always make sure that the floss stays flat while wrapping, not twisted, and then I burnish it afterwards with a burnishing tool to smooth it out. The floss butt on my GBS is rayon and not all that smooth. I think the secret is keeping the floss flat while you wrap it and take your time to place each wrap neatly. You can wrap another layer if you need to build up bulk or a taper. Single strand rayon floss is easier than two strand and if you use it in a bobbin you will have even more control over it.
    Hope that helps.
  5. A few more. A couple are more conventional flies, the other not so much. Well not conventional for a green butt skunk. Excuse the ratty nature of the ties, all of these have been put to use :)

    2013-10-07 20.34.04.jpg 2013-10-07 20.34.32.jpg 2013-10-07 20.32.46.jpg
  6. David, I've taken a large number of steelhead over the past decade on a green butt MOAL/ROID just like yours.
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  7. Thanks for the info John. Any recommendations for places to purchase Japanese silk? Yakima is lacking a good Fly-Tying supply store. I usually purchase materials on-line.
  8. Flat floss is easier with a rotating vice as well. I like single strand myself. Either from a spool in a bobbin, or a cut section held with hackle pliers. Not that it is germaine, but i put down silver tinsel before laying on the floss. Synthetic floss gets traslucent when wet and the body just glows.
  9. Nice David, I also put down a base coat, but I use pearl Mylar tinsel. I also found that floss wrapped over thread turns pretty drab in the water. As you mentioned, the true color shines in the water with the base coat underneath.

    Thanks for the links John. Looks like you found me a new place to purchase fly tying supplies on-line.

  10. Waters West has a good selection of AJ silk floss, and Red Shed has a great selection on other stuff, both are great to deal with. Also agree with John on Anglers.
  11. For a modern fly, I agree with the base coat of mylar, I use opalescent mylar tinsel. For traditional flies such as full dress atlantic salmons or silk bodied wet flies. I usually tie with a base of white thread.
  12. I remember seeing these, when I was 13 (circa 1993), at Eddie Bauer in Bellevue Square Mall...when they still carried flies. I had just moved up here from California 3 years previous, had only ever trout fished, and had just received my first fly rod that past Christmas. I had thought that fly-fishing and fly tying was only for trout, based on my Jack Dennis Western Trout Fly Tying Manual (I had received a fly tying kit that Christmas also). These intrigued me, for a couple reasons: They didn't look like a bug, and they had that bright green butt, something that you wouldn't see on one of the flies in my "manual".

    I never got around to tying them at that point, as I was limited to the materials in my kit. Thought it would be appropriate to tie one of these Chenille bodied beaut's for this salon.
    DSC_0586 - edit 1.jpg

    I would be curious to know how much success anybody has had with this style.
  13. Everyone contributes some very nice renditions. The winner is Pat Lat with the "butt de-skunk-er".
    As per tradition, Pat has a week to select the next pattern and be the overlord of the November salon.
    Happy tying. Cheers!
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  14. Cool, I'm glad you liked it, although I thought james st. clair would be the winner this month. Great ties everybody Ill post the next theme over the weekend.
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  15. Congrats Pat. I really like your de-skunker.
  16. So, what's up for November?
  17. getting there...check again later tonight

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