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    I'm currently in between jobs and have been taking time to get out and fish quite a bit lately. I love October and the cycles of high & low water have made some good fishing. I got my kids to the river a few times when the Pinks were early in the rivers and they had a good time hooking and playing these fun fish. My wife and I took advantage of a day that we both had free and I took her down to the river to see if we could get her into any Pinks or maybe an early Coho. Instead, she hooked a nice little steelhead in a narrow little stretch of fast current. Clumsy me lost my grip on the fish though as we were setting up for a quick photo.

    I've made several trips out on my own and with my neighbor. Mainly enjoying the Searun Cutthroat fishing that has really kicked in the last few weeks. Yesterday my Dad & I went out to see if we could continue the good Searun Cutthroat fishing. After spending the morning missing a few strikes on some eager trout we took a lunch break. Feeling fresh and refueled from lunch we returned the river. At the edge of the river we noticed a pair of long torpedo shapes bolting up the river and we both thought "steelhead". We set up where we could cast across the current and let our flies sink down and around the boulders on the bottom and began swinging through. We continued to see pairs of 2 to 4 steelhead moving up through this run all afternoon. Dad hooked a couple and lost them within the first few minutes. Finally he kept one buttoned on and after several minutes of running and jumping he led this nice little hatchery fish to the bank.


    A bit later it was my turn....


    The weather was clear & cool, as was the water. We had a really nice time and enjoyed an unusual day with lots of steelhead in the water. It was fun to keep a couple fish for the BBQ. October is probably my favorite time of year to be in the woods.
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    GPS coordinates or it didn't happen

    (jk nice fish)
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    Wait a minute here whoa whoa whoa. Your telling me, that your wife, just happened to get a steelhead just like THAT? Screw this I am going to find the highest bridge I can find in the state of Washington. Goodbye cruel world.
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    We just happened to be at the right place at the right time.