ODC Super boat (pontoon review)

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by bwtucker83, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. bwtucker83 Member

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    I'm thinking of getting this boat with my next pay check. Just wondering if anyone has it or has a review on it. This is all I can afford for a pontoon boat but I REALLY want one for the summer. I will be using for moving water and possible some pretty turbulant water. I figure if worse comes to worse I can port it around rapids that aren't floatable. Any advise on this would be great.


  2. TWD Travis

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    hey Brad,

    not familiar with the brand but gave it a quick look; take this from someone that has owned one pontoon and seen probably five more models so no expert

    steel frame but clamp on oar locks, would like to see a bolt through here
    pontoons look pretty short
    didn't see any foot pegs but they might be there, really nice to prop your heavy wader boots on

    Grab a used outcast, or bucks, budget being tight this is still something that will save your neck when you do something lame someday

    cheers, Travis
  3. pwoens Active Member

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    I believe "lotech Joe" and "Old Man" have some experience with this boat??? :confused: Maybe pm them??

    I have a used Bucks Bags South Fork in the classifieds section. Its real close to your price range and is a fairly big upgrade from the ODC ;)

    Best of luck.
  4. Curtis New Member

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    I own the "lemon" the sport, and feel it is less than adequate. I have had problems ranging from the oar locks coming apart while in use, to the cam locks, which hold the pontoon together, sliding out. About the only river I am considering is the yakima. I would probably spend the extra $100 and get a better boat. I kick myself in the butt all the time for not waiting and getting a better boat. I was looking at this one.
    Seems like a pretty sturdy boat. Good price also.

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  5. Bill Douglas blue collar dirtbag

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    A friend of mine who is wise beyond his years has a saying. "Buy exactly what you want and you only have to buy it once." You really do come out ahead in the long run.
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    I didn't get an image when I went to the link, so I didn't see the boat your talking about. I have the ODC 1018 and the 1220. I really like both of them. The Creek ompany boats give you a pretty good bang for the buck. I use them on lakes, salt, and rivers. I've rowed a lot of boats and like these for all kinds of fishing. That's all I have from the not so cheap seats.
  7. bwtucker83 Member

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    Thanks for all the input everyone. I'm really stuck on this, I just don't think I can justify spending anymore money on a boat but I really want somthing to float on this summer. Tough Decision.

  8. Jumbo Member

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    avoid Creek Co. like plague. Bad valves, cheap fabric, poor fittings, etc..
    buy a used bucks or outcast
  9. Shazam New Member

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    I agree with the previous post--my buddy has one and same thing--cheap vinyl bladders which have split in half 3 times, broken oar locks and the valve system is a very poor design--it is what it is--a cheap pontoon boat. I've had an Outcast for 8yrs and haven't had one issue with it. I would buy a used Outcast / Bucks. I'd stay away from any ODC product. As my dad used to say "You only cry once when you buy quality"