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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Saltman, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. We got a halibut carcas in our net off of Kodiak a few years back. That was one rank smelling bastard! We couldn't get it off the boat fast enough but no one wanted to go near it to fling it off.
  2. I caught a Channel Catfish on a nymph while stillwater fishing for rainbows. It was definitely a surprise when I brought it up to the float tube!
  3. I caught puffers down in Brazil several times. They fight good for bloaties.

    Caught an eel once too....I was stupid enough to step on it to try taking the hook out. It doubled back like a shicken hawk and ate my pinky toe resting comfortably on my Havaiana flop flop.
  4. a number of years ago I caught the manager of the hoodsport hatchery in the shoulder and drew blood, after that i caught a japanese tourist, and to finish my grand slam, an oyster.
  5. My odd catches for the sound include a sea cucumber, sea star, oyster, hermit crab, dungeness crab, dog fish, rat fish, and a couple of types of perch... oh and of course myself on a few occasions. It seems like you can catch anything while fishing...
  6. I caught a rock once fishing the samish river this fall. The rock had a little hole in it and my hook fit perfectly that same day i caught 2 leaders with jigs and i caught them right through the swivels.
  7. i caught and landed a muskrat at rockyford. he dove down took my fly and he was easily the hardest fight i have ever had there
  8. A rock shaped like a bagel (fought well, too!), bat (in the air . . . and was trying . . . getting the fly back is a whole 'nuther story . . . ), beaver (wasn't trying & the beav kept the adornment), seagull (also not trying"), otter (actually, the otter grabbed a bass I had on), 2 nephews, both of my ears, several bull frogs, and a moving cement truck on a backcast (there ain't a reel made nor a rod sufficiently stout that will slow one of those down . . . ).
  9. Remind me never to go fishing with you. And stay the hell away from me on the river. At least 100 yards!:p

    I haven't ever caught anything strange.
  10. Koja48, I'm still willing to hook up when you come this way...but with all this new information I'll settle for fishing within sight of you but keep a bit of space. That is quite a list of odd catches!
  11. More Gulf of Mexico stuff: Large mouth bass from brackish bayous are some of the best tasting fish I've ever had. Ditto Topsail catfish. Cobia are probably my favorite eating fish, and fun to catch as well. Couldn't get into Speckled Trout, as they were almost always infested with worms from eating the shark poo. Black drum, Redfish, Sheepshead, Flounder, all good. Plus, you can catch almost all of 'em on market shrimp. If the fishing's poor, just eat the bait!

  12. Not to worry, folks . . . I'll clip the barb off back ahead of the bend . . . After 60+ years on this earth, 52 of them flailing around with a fly rod, a guy is bound to come up with the odd catch now & then . . .
    Rock: Columbia above Ringold (should have mounted it)
    Bat: Lower Big Hole River (White Miller dangled a foot or so below the tip of my old home-made Fenwick at dusk; my friends thought I was nuts . . . they still do, for that matter . . . )
    Beaver: Bear Trap of the Madison (trying to get a sculpin pattern down to a big brown in a "moss hole" . . . beaver intercepted the leader & the next few minutes were immensely exciting!)
    Gull: Georgetown Lake, MT
    Otter: Burbank Sloughs, WA off the Columbia
    Nephews: Both in MT (DO NOT walk directly behind an uncle intent on large, cruising trout. . . )
    Ears: MT in high wind (I was third in line to get a hook removed by Dad the first time . . . it was way too windy to fish, but not too windy for youth & passion to try . . . )
    Bull Frogs: T Lake, WA (it was a slow Bass day . . . )
    Cement Truck: Along the "roadway" on the Snake River above Ice Harbor Dam (strongest run I've ever experienced . . . )
  13. O.K. then, I guess it's safe to go fishing with you.:rofl:
  14. See ya on the water . . . I'll be the one wearing the football helmet if it's windy . . . .
  15. Caught this bad boy on my last outing on a floating line to boot. Who say's flounder are just bottom feeders :)

  16. Just sat down to the tying bench before I head up to the sound for the next couple of weeks and I decided I would check out what was going on. I saw this and thought I would add a few.

    I pulled up a 10 lb rock in southeast, thought I had hooked a halibut up until it broke the surface.

    When I was younger I caught a duck at Rockyford, it swam over and ate my scud before I could pull the fly away.

    My personal favorite: A few years ago while guiding in Southwest Alaska I had a client hook a bear on his back cast. Unfortunately he didn't land it.


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