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  1. These tips are excellent. Coach Duff's and Richard's are words to live by.

    My tips? They may be obvious for some, but..
    #1 Always, always carry aquaseal
    #2 Only wear studs when you need to. If you you use a guide, don't wear them in his boat. If you are lucky enough to go to AK and get to fly out nothing will piss them off more than sliding around on your studs scratching up the boats and the airplane floats.
    #3 Dry bag backpacks are worth their extra weight.
    #4 Don't be a prick. Unless you own the land on which I'm standing, it is not "your river".
    #5 Teach a kid how to flyfish

    Did I mention aquaseal?
  2. 1) always listen carefully to advice and tips from others
    2) never fully trust advice and tips from others ;)
    3) you won't catch fish if your line isn't in the water! (tell this to my kids all the time...but goes for some adults as well who change flies, lines, leaders, tippets, etc every few minutes while they watch me land another fish...)
    4) don't be a report chaser - especially from a magazine! Be a report maker, not chaser...
    5) timing, location, presentation - repeat!
    6) Never, never carry aquaseal (see #1 and 2 above)
    7) when meeting buddies or the guide for the big trip, have a backup alarm - being late and holding the others up is a BIG NO NO
    8) Before wading\crossing a river, look downstream and imagine being swept down there. If you are fine with that possibility, proceed, but know your limits and following other good wading practices
  3. My cabelas waders alway had holes in the heals in short order. After sealing them with marine shoo goo or whatever is handy, I layer with a strip of duct tape.

    For my simms and Dbaily waders, it is the big toe area that gets a leak first. So I seal those and cover the toe area with a strip of duct tape. Lasts quite a while and the leaks never return.
  4. 1. Leaders are cheap. Don't try to make them last for years. I throw all mine away at the end of the season.

    2. Learn to play fish off the reel!

  5. 1) If you fingerpaint don't put your hands in your mouth.
    2) Never microwave fish.
    3) The green stuff in the chicken shit is more chicken shit.
    4) The best things in life are free.
    5) Don't get into a casting contest with Richard.
    6) The police can do what ever they want.
    7) When hiking in the woods and your dog acts nervous, get out of there.
  6. Never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on and never trust a fart..:ray1:
  7. Don't be too concerned with playing fish on your reel. Actively trying to get the line on your reel may lose fish (unless you have 3 hands, in which case, disregard)
  8. Is that the hand thats get hard when I catch a hog?
  9. iagree WORD!! I lost plenty of fish years ago when trying to get them reel. For me, I'll play him off the reel if he can get himself there (don't we all pray for those fish?); otherwise, strip 'em in, baby!
  10. 1) Don't take yourself too seriously.
    2) Don't take what people say about you in an online forum too seriously.
    3) Don't forget rules 1 and 2 next time you find yourself in a pissing match on an online forum.
  11. 1- Don't fish with my brother
    2- Don't fish with my father
    3- For the sweet love of christ and all things that are good and sacred in this world don't fish with my brother-in-law
    4- If you have to fish with any of 1-3 make sure you have a fred meyer outfit that is damn near unbreakable
    5- A well played prank on a fishing buddy will be remembered far longer than a fish caught, and for that matter will mean they will likely want to get you back which in turn means a long friendship fishing together
    6- Do not talk fishing to anyone who doesn't understand fishing, excepting of course children. This is especialy important around inlaws who will end up buying you crap if you mention you like fishing (like a 2 pound porcelin santa that has a fishing pole and net in his gomed-out hands, or a throw pillow with a fishing saying on it, or a t-shirt that has a cartoon of a schlub fisherman annotated with pithy commentary)
    7- If you want to experience cultural disconnect try and explain catch and release philosphies to someone who is poor and fishes for their food.
    8- pick up trash on your way out
    9- learn how to tell a fishing tale, there are standards and expectations to uphold.
    10- the Karma gods will look kindly on you if give a noob a fly that works and some pointers when you see them flailing on a stretch
    11- try snorkling a river, what you see will surprise you
    12- polaroids, sunscreen, hat and a long fsleeved ast-drying shirt
    13- I submit there is nothing so pleasant as wet wading a mountain river in high summer when the fish are rising and the crowds are absent
  12. Killer list Wadin' Boot. I like them all, especially talking fish to children, expand #8 to include on the way in and on the way out and you have got to let us know who to avoid in your we don't bring our fancy gear.

    Thanks for the tips. Maybe tips like these are the ones to give to our guides.
  13. :rofl: Everytime I've gone fishing with my father-in-law, I end up getting a new fly rod. :clown: Can't be too bad, right?

    Which leads me to another tip - Have an Uglystick handy for when you take relatives or friends fishing.
  14. "My name is Ed. I'm here to learn and share what little I may have to offer. I'm no expert but I'll dispense free advice...buyer beware. Thanks to those who provide so much good stuff for new fly fishermen to shorten the learning curve."


    Please, please, please -- ANYTHING that will help to shorten the learning curve is fine with me.....

    ...but I'm not sure that ethics & morality are potentiality successful endeavors:beathead:;sometimes forcerful behavorial modificationis are the only practical solution....(if'n ya gits mah drift;)).

  15. -Listen, watch and learn. Even noobs have something to offer.
    - Reflect and apply. What made you successful and what didn't? Adjust accordingly.
    - Grab the leader and not the fly.
    - Read silly posts. Cuz you just might laugh out loud. Thanks Boot.
  16. Great advice from my friend Mike: "Never leave fish to find fish."

  17. So true! I once got a reinforced filleting glove from my girlfriends brother. He heard I liked to fish and decided I should have one for gutting fish on the river... didn't want me slicing my hand open.

    The effort was nice, but I've kept only one fish in the last 10 years. He wasn't down with the whole catch-&-release thing. :)

  18. I do this all the time. With mixed results. But just depends on species and other circumstances... For example, fishing for chum or humpies - I'll leave after a handful to find some fresh fish. Sure, i could catch a dozen more from the same area, but it get's old quickly.

    Fishing the forks of snoqualmie - sometimes I could sit in the same hole and catch a fish on nearly every cast. But I move on to try my luck in other waters.

    Other times I might be having trouble getting anything but dinks, so i'll move to find bigger fish.

    But if I find a hot spot for nice trout in a lake for example, and getting consistent takes on my chironomid, i'll stick it out until the action dies off.
  19. " i'll stick it out until the action dies off.[/QUOTE]
    Are we still talking fishing? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  20. What happened to the useful tips thread?

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