*Official 2011 pink salmon thread*

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by CLO, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Who is stoked?

  2. Thank god she is wearing gloves.
  3. Haha! That was my first though as well. Slimy bastards! I am excited for the pinks, but honestly haven't thought about it much. Too much fishing to do before them...still one trip to the OP left, some salt/src fishing, summer steel, then pinks!
  4. i know i am stoked. my buddy should be back from afghanistan by that time, and he has a sled :D and plus, i've never caught any on a fly rod before, so this should help me out with some spey practice and some heavy one-hander stuff. it will also be fun fishing them in the salt and the skagit. looks like i will be going after school everyday for the end of the run.

    can't wait to see some pics of monster humps!
  5. Haven't done it, but sounds like a blast. This will be my first Pink run since I became a Westcoaster. From how excited everbodys getting, I'm getting jacked as well, and I've never even caught one!
  6. These will probably be the fish I learn how to switch/spey with once I save up some money and get a new set up. Hoping for this to be a good year/run.
  7. Someone has been spending too much time on ifish.
  8. August is a long way off still. Let's hope the run is as big as they predict. Otherwise there are going to be some really sad people.
  9. lol just wait. they are easier to catch than stocker triploid on opening day with a wad of powerbait. pinks will eat almost anything pink and relatively small, especially when it's in their face. wait 'til you foul hook a buck in the hump ;D
  10. Oh yeah, instead of 10 people fishing
    on the beach there will be 200. Most
    will be fishing illegally. All for a mushy
    salmon thats only good for the smoker.

  11. Yeah, and those 200 fisherman on the beach will all be "newbees" too. Scoot over please!
  12. Then don't fish for them. I guess you don't fish for Chums either. How do those SRC's taste? Not sure of the reason for the Pink hate.
  13. I fish for all salmon
    but the humpy zoo just
    brings out all the nut jobs
    and clueless newbees with
    treble hooks. Give me a fresh
    caught Silver any day.

  14. Best thing is it congregates all the door knobs in select areas which can be easily avoided.
  15. Hell, even if its annoying, the more people out catching fish, the more support we will have in conservation efforts.
  16. It's what got me started nw fishing....a few short years later and I'm a TU member fishing when ever I get a chance. Pinks are ridiculously fun I don't care who you are.
  17. I'll fly for pinks! :D
  18. THANK YOU! Sooo many people think it's a joke. How is slaying salmon a joke? Many people don't get the oppertunity to fish for them, especially in our quanity. It's a blast.
  19. Also, Pinks are one of the best fish, I find, to get people introduced to fishing or flyfishing. They show up in numbers, and readily take a fly or spoon, and their fight is not to shabby- definitely something to get newbees excited and "hooked" for life.
    I have some friends I don't see very often, due to careers, families, etc, but when the Pinks run, I start getting phone calls to "Go to the river and have some beers after". Some of the best times with my friends come from the Pink run.
  20. The first time I fished for pinks in Alaska, they were so thick I ended up getting tendonitis in my elbow! How can that not be fun?

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