*Official 2011 pink salmon thread*

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by CLO, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. I caught well over 200+ pink salmon in 2009... You can have a beer on the house!
  2. How about one or three of your brews while slaying untold numbers of pinks?! That sounds like a good day.
  3. Please tell me some of those were off a boat..if not, do you use 4" or 4 1/4" mesh on your gill net??!! Some funny responses: everything from the easiest fish to catch to the illegals using the season as an exscuse to trash the beaches. I only fish for them at Picnic Point and while I limit out sometimes I get skunked more often. 2007 was better down there than 09, but I never see everybody slayin humpys down there. I have never had my neighbors in my cul de sac turn fish away, just the opposite! My next door neighbor who is Vietnamese and a cook/chef at Evergreen Hospital does something magical with them...hands down the best pinks I have ever had...including 1970-1988 on a limit seiner in SE AK...oh wait, we never ate those ragged out catfood slimy buggers when the menu was Sockeye, White Kings or {sorry about this one} Skeena River Steelhead. That loophole was closed in 1975 but the Steelhead would run with the Kings on down the coast.
  4. Im gonna guess Evan def had some slow days for pinks. But the days when he was REALLY into them made up for it.
  5. I have two secret beaches I get some out of in the salt, the rest came from my spot on a river. Took many, many trips, some topping 40+ fish. At one of my spots on the river, there was a guy fly fishin there almost every day I was there... Never saw him catch a single one when my buddy and I were topping double digits each. You just have to know what to target them with, and how to present it.
  6. Would it be worth getting a pontoon just so people can watch you catch fish out of their reach? lol. Still haven't caught a pink but definately prepared for it this year. What are good spots to fish? The only spot that i know of is off quilcene
  7. Unless you find someplace quiet you'll be target practice for some twat with a buzz bomb.

    All the usual beach haunts.

    Never heard of it, but thanks for posting. I'll see you there!
  8. When flying for pinks on a river, how do you guys present flies? I do mostly beach flying for Coho so I'm always stripping or using poppers or something along the surface, but I don't have any spots on a beach that I can fly for pinks that are close. The closes beach I use for Coho/Cutties don't have the pinks go by in decent enough numbers to go and target them there. Since that is the case, I usually wait for them to hit the river and usually use a bronze/pink spoon and slay them, but really want to start flying for pinks. I guess what I'm asking is once in the river, do you dead drift, swing, "Nymph" pink stuff, or use poppers like pollywogs? I assume a basic swing would work, yes?
  9. Use small (think size 8-10) weighted flies. Strip strip pause... strip strip pause... they always hit it on the drop
  10. [​IMG]

    This is a 1/5 of what I have now. The jigs are for, and tied by my daughter.
  11. Your daughter is officially a better tier than I am
  12. Hey Terry, what material is that?
  13. Hi Eric- it's cactus chenille under UV polar chenille. You'll be getting one of those in the swap from me. The cool thing is that you'll be able to trim the fly down smaller if you like streamside. I think Hareline markets the UV polar as well, but the stuff I have is branded by American Sports which is Anglers Workshop down in Woodland, and it comes in some pretty cool colors IMO. I'm also using it to tie something I call a 'hot mess' which is a size 6 or so hook, medium bead chain eyes, and a few turns of this stuff. I'll post some pics soon.
  14. Those are some awesome flies there! I've been pumped about this coming run since the last one ended! I started tying about two months ago! is that too soon?
  15. It's never too soon to tie flies but the fish arrive about the same day every other year; on or about the 4th of August.
  16. Hot mess:


    Something I made up for Evan on a size 12 troot hook:

    Ha, this is retarded. I'm still going to catch a pink on it though:

    Variety of amphipod like stuff that shoudl work equally well for spring time cutts or pinks:
  17. that's what i'm talkin 'bout
  18. Terry, you got all the right moves... Flies! I meant to say all the right flies!
  19. I fish the Duwamish for pinks and silvers on my pontoon and it's alot of fun.
  20. Oh yeah...thats the ticket! :thumb:

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