Official Saltwater Swap

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  1. Official Saltwater Swap- Closed

    between 6 and 12 people for the swap with a due date of May 14. that gives us a few weeks to get the flies done...
    so far we have from the other thread....
    3.Mr Trout

    Please post up what you will be tying... it would be nice if everyone did tie on SS hooks as they hold up much better.
  2. I will do a chartreuse clouser. It's worked for why not.
  3. David Old Chum,

    Is there any chance that the fly you mention has a natural Fox Squirrel tail wing?

    Like my Sea Run Cutthroat flies: "Chum Babies", that I dropped off at Troy's a few months ago?

    See our Gallery for that pattern: "Chum Baby"

  4. That looks like a sweet fly Bob! I am thinking that for a lighter variation, that Coyote could be employed quite easily....hmmm....
  5. count me in - I'll do my Sandlance Candy.

  6. Im in with my Chum Baby.
    Let us known how many to tie.

    Mr Trout:
    Is it really true that you have seven acres of prime Coyote fur for sale?! :eek:

    That's can still tie flies in a body cast. :rofl:
  7. One of the steelhead patterns that I saw a demo on at the PT Show is suppose to work well on Pinks when scaled down. I'll tie up some of those.
  8. close bob... yours is more basic than what i had in mind but very similar. Mine thicker body, peacock overwing and quite a bit more flash but a very similar pattern. My old friend bill mcmahon tied it for me... That and one called the umpqua.
    And why are you dropping flies off at troy's? tell him to get to work :)
    on a side note where do you get your squirrel from? I need some for atlantic salmon patterns.
  9. I'm going to tie a flat-wing fly, probably a herring.

  10. I'm going to be tying a little baitfish pattern with a mylar tubing body and a rabbit back that I have been messing around with. I'm sure someone has previously invented it and has named it, but I'm unaware of any common name. Here's a pic of a prototype tied on a #4. I think the eyes are too big and I should epoxy the head, but it's close to what the final fly will look like. If anyone knows if this has a name, I would be interested in hearing it. I will tie it in chartuese and/or pink.


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  11. I'll tie a "dougs ugly" or atleast thats the only name I know of... basically a a purple and yellow half n half... it has been good for cuthroats...

    If we only get 6 people would you all be willing to do 2 flies? either the same pattern or 2 different?
  12. Works for me. I'm game for any combination.
  13. OK by me :thumb:
  14. Just let me know what the decision before I seal the envelope, I can tie two!
  15. Sure. I was planning on tying up about a dozen anyhow for if more people joined in.
  16. Got room for one more?
  17. David, please let us know when this is closed, and how many flies we should be tying for it, address etc.
  18. closed

    OK lets close this swap here with 7 people tying a total of 14 flies.... 2 patterns of 7 each or 1 of 14, your choice.

    3.Mr Trout

    Please tie them on SS hooks and debarb them... these are SRC flies and if you dont debarb them I will.
    The due date will be may 14th but please do them as soon as your available time allows and get them in... please do not wait until the last minute to do your flies.
    Please send the flies to me in a Self Addressed Stamped envelope... also putting them in a altoids box or other small container helps prevent damage to the flies both coming to me and going out to you.
    please send them to...
    david smart
    SRC fly swap
    24255 PCH #3180
    Malibu CA 90263

    shipping here should be no different than going to bainbridge... if this is a problem for anyone just send me a pm and we can take care of it. bawling:
  19. finished up my flies today while taking a break from studying for finals
    how is everyone else doing?

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