Official signup "I want in" order for the bulk tubing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    In case you need a refresher, it's this thread here It's for the small tubing (not micro, and not the larger saltwater, the stuff perfect for steelhead tubes). Roughly comes out to $0.03 a foot.

    Ok, want to place the order here in the upcoming month. I forgot about shipping costs, so need to call the company. But don't think it'll be much more then the quote above. Maybe 4 or 5 cents a foot maybe. Would prefer to meet up and drop off, but will ship to those out of state/country. Will charge true shipping costs to you (won't gouge you, unless you've pissed me off lol). So, don't need to post on there more then once. All I need is if you're in, and how much you want to spend. I need to make at least a $500 order. I'm in for about $50 myself. If I'm thinking right, that's over a 1,000' just for me (that's if with shipping it roughs out to .05 a foot). That'll last me awhile. So, post away. Once I get enough commits into it, I'll give you mailing info. Once I get all the money in the mail, I'll place the order. Sorry, but only doing it this way. I've done a few "I'll buy, you pay me back" orders before and have been left holding the bag too many times. So if you're still in, post here with how much you want to spend (not footage).

    Thanks. :beer2:
  2. BDD Active Member

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    Ellensburg, WA
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    Count me down for some. I don't need a whole lot but I'm willing to pay a little more to get the deal to go down. I'm sure $20 will be more than I'll ever need but again, I'd pay a little extra to make this work.
  3. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    Depending on how many sign up, you could get away with less. So just put yourself down for say $10. Everyone else do the same (I mean how much you think you could use). Then we'll anti up from there. LOL
  4. cabezon Sculpin Enterprises

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    Olympia, WA
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    Hi Jerry,

    I think that $10 worth is more likely to fit my needs, but I'm willing to go to $20 to help you reach your goal of $500. At $10, that's 50 people, fewer with bigger orders from "power tyers" such as yourself.

    At $0.05/ft, $10 will mean 200ft of tubing. If I used 2" / fly, that would be 1200 flies. Still, way cheaper than purchasing it from anywhere else.

  5. xdog Active Member

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    You can put me in for twenty dollars worth. Thankyou.

  6. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    I figured about the same Steve. I get enough guys doing $10 orders, we'll be good to go. I put $10 since I was figuring like you, that would be more then most guys would probably use. But it's a good price.
  7. Brian Thomas Active Member

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    Kamloops B.C
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    I`d be in for $20.00 worth :thumb: .
    That should just about last me for the rest of my life .
    Can`t think of a better deal than that .:rofl:
  8. bonefish808 New Member

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    You can put me in for $50 worth. Thanks.
  9. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    Eagle River, Alaska
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    I'd do $10 worth
  10. Cruncher -

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    Marquette Park Lagoon
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    I'd be in for a $10 spot. Shipping may be as much as the tubing. :rofl:
  11. Rob Ast Active Member

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    West Pugetopolis WA
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    I'm down for $10 as well.
  12. Tony Tony

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    Lynnwood Wa
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    If possible I'd go for 5.00 worth but am willing to spend 10.00 if I have to even though 200ft of tube is alot more than I'll probably ever use.
  13. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    Well, depends on what the final cost per foot comes out to. All dictates on how much shipping will cost. I'll find out this week hopefully.

    Also on shipping. Hopefully I can hand off most of this stuff. If not, any out of the area I'll get tubes and send away. I'll try to keep the outbound shipping costs to a minimum. Same customer I'm ordering this through also gets the rounds cheap. So gonna see if she can cut me a deal on the mailing tubes as well.
  14. Hal Eckert Member

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    West GLs
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    Put me down for $ 10 if needed $ 20 to make the deal.
    That will be enough tubing for the rest of my steelheading days I am sure.
    Thanks, hope all is well


  15. Zach M Because I floss so hard

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    Gig Harbor Washington
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    put me down for $5 worth im just getting into tube flies so i think this will set me for quite a while. thanks

  16. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Kitsap Peninsula
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    Jerry, I'm really new to tubes too, I was thinking 100' would last me forever so put me in for $5 if you'll accept such a low committment. I'll look forward to getting your address to send payment in whatever fashion you prefer. Thanks for putting this all together for those of us too tired or inexperienced to do it ourselves. Ed
  17. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Graham, WA, USA.
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    Ok, will do. Mumbles, it'll be more then $5 by the time I'm done, unless you are one of the guys that we all hookkup and drop off (hmmmm, say the Hoh trip).
  18. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

    Posts: 17,502
    Kitsap Peninsula
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    Jerry, we can hand it off or whatever. I figure that I won't use more than $5, but if you need me to buy more to make the deal I will. At that price it won't be breaking my bank.
  19. ridderbos3 New Member

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    kalamazoo, Michigan
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    Jerry, put me down for $10 as well.

    Thank you

    John Ridderbos
  20. Eric Tarcha gear whore

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    Seattle, WA
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    i am in for $15.

    Thanks Jerry.
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