Official signup "I want in" order for the bulk tubing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Put me down for $40.00. If you need a bigger number I can bounce up no problem. Just pm me.:thumb:
  2. Jerry, up mine to $10. A buddy wants me to pick up some for him too. Thank you.
  3. congrats all if i added these up right your at 275 dollars and if i divided that right your at 55% of your goal
  4. Colton, so you got some math skills too!
  5. yeah im hella good at math, writing numbers is easy they never change but in engish we have words with the same spelling with tons of different meanings, or we have words that sound the same with different meanings ei there, to, witch, were and dont forget about hifinated words. if you think about numbers logically there are only 10 of them and then its a repeating pattern 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 but then there algebra, calc, pre calc, geometry,trigonometry and my favorite infinitives on equations with no solutions ie sin<1 is impossible
  6. I'm down for $20 and will pick up,

    Thanks Jerry
  7. Jerry,

    Put me down for $10 as well. Thanks for putting this deal together. :thumb:

  8. Jerry

    If you don't mind shipping it down to me here in Calif, I will take $10.00 worth plus whatever shipping will be.
    Thanks for doing this.
  9. new total 315 or 63% of the way there. what kind of flies can you tie with the tubing? and how big are they some one mentioned 2 inches but what about .5-1 inch long flies?
  10. These tubes are extruded in lengths of 4' I do believe. So you can cut and tie how long of flies you want with them. This is the smaller diameter stuff. So you can tie larger trout flies and most salmon and steelhead ones. Most people cut them in the 1-2" length, so a 4' length will make you a few flies.

    I'll ship anywhere. Just remember, the price listed is just for the tubing. If I have to ship will be extra on top of that. And I'm waiting to hear back from the guy I'm getting it from. His final quote on shipping to me will dictate how many feet you'll get per dollar.
  11. $20 worth... plus shipping

    That would make for a total of $335 (67%)

    Do you take PayPal?
  12. Yes, I do take paypal. Once we hit the total, I'll put up my paypal and shipping info for those wanting to send the cash.
  13. Or they can bring their cast to the Hoh and some tips for the camp chef prostaffer.
  14. I'm in for $75. I need to do some stocking up of many a pattern.
  15. To add to what Mumbles said. I can bring the tubing to the Hoh event. People can pick it up there, or if you have a friend going I can give to them if you give me the ok to do it. :)
  16. im game 20$ worth and shipping. muy bien
  17. Put me down for $20 plus shipping. Let me know how to pay through PayPal when you are ready.

    Thanks for your efforts!
  18. I`ll up my order from $15:00 to $20:00 .
    I edited my original request to reflect the change .
  19. alright im back with todays numbers and they are coming in at a total of 465 dollars and that is 93% of you total. i was wondering what kind of flies are tied with tubing?
  20. Colton, tube know body of the fly is surrounding the tube. Tippet passes through tube from front to back. Hook tied to the back. Benefits are in hooked fish don't shred flies because tubes can go up the leader. You can use a smaller hook which is better for the fish and shorter shanks which are tougher to lever out by the fish. Hooks get dull, you change them but the fly is still okay to use. How is this novice doing expaining tube flies?
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