Official signup "I want in" order for the bulk tubing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. balls i dont want to miss this
  2. Can I Paypal you now with some funds or do need I need to wait Jerry?
  3. I havent been on in a while, and was afraid I was holding you up on this order. Are we ready to pay yet?
  4. How do I get in for one or two 4' lengths?


    Gordon Beeman
  5. I'd take 10.00 plus shippings worth, or 4 or 8 ' -
    Can pay paypal- Let me know-
  6. I'm in for 20.00 worth. 4 or 8 foot Can paypal. Thanks Jerry.
  7. You all are still able to buy in. I've been in contact with the guy finally. He has two different styles of tubes. One is only a penny more a foot, but 15,000 feet it adds up fast. LOL. The polypropelene is like the HMH. But the other stuff is what I've been using. Waiting to hear back from him about total cost on shipping and different cuts (there's a difference in 8' cut and a 4' cut in pricing). So hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow from him to get an accurate cost so I can give you the exact cost per foot (then add shipping to your door if you're not nearby to pick it up).
  8. Cool- Just let me know where to to paypal you the coin too, and I'll leave you my shipping address -
    Thanks alot-
  9. Is it the "other stuff" you`re ordering ?
  10. Yes, probably the other stuff. There's no difference, other then one is clearer. Same density. I've been using nothing but these for my larger saltwater type tubes instead of the HMH and haven't had a problem. It's only a penny difference, but when you're talking about 15,000 feet of it, that penny adds up.
  11. Jerry, count me in. Rather than paying for shipping how about the next time your heading out to fish, you drop me a PM and I'll meet you.
  12. Sounds good Jeff. I'd prefer not to have ANY money until I get this finalized. What scares me is I haven't heard back from him. I'm thinking it's the move and trying to get things settled in. I know my customer bought a TON more then normal because of the move. At least I had contact, which is a good thing.
  13. I'll definitely take at least $20, but I do use junction tubing, as most of my stuff is for the local salt. No problem matching this diameter tubing to the fuel line they sell at the hobby shops?
  14. Got the official total today. The cost to ship it to my door will make it a whopping $0.04 a foot. So this weekend (I had a long crappy day, don't feel like going through it now) I'm going to get a list of everyone who wanted tubing.

    I do have one request though for everyone. I prefer not to take paypal. I'm doing this for scratch, and I'll be paying paypal fees to get the cash. Plus, it'll be easier for me to keep track of everyone if I have a check from them. That way I can cash them all at once when I get everyones money and do the order. If you want to pay with paypal, that's fine. I can just make a copy of the transaction and put it with everyone elses.

    Now, those who need shipping. That's going to be tough to do off the getgo. I'm going to need to buy tubes to put them in (and depending on how much you order dictates if I can get by with one or have to use two) and get shipping costs before hand. So may do a list of all who needs shipped and after I get the tubes I can box them up and then do a weigh in and email you the total for shipping and packaging. Then you can paypal me the cost and off it'll go.

    Sound good to everyone? My only request is once I get the totals up get the funds in fairly quick. It's been awhile, and I apologize. Just figures they'd move when I'm ready to order. But he's on board with me now, and will be shipping right to my door. So can divy it all up and get it right back out. So I'll get a master list posted up, and a running total of who all wants what and how much they want.

    If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let me know.
  15. Sounds good Jerry, I was down in your neck of the woods all weekend and could've picked it up. I might need you to ship mine up here if I'm not able to schedule a trip down there. I'll have to see. Thanks again for putting this deal together.
  16. Randy, I don't have the tubes yet. I won't order them until I get all the funds. I'll be going through this post, then doing another post for people who wanted in, and updating as we go.
  17. If I can still get in I would like to order $15.00 worth.
  18. Don't know if it makes sense (depending on shipping costs), but maybe someone from a general area can make a run to Jerry's and pick up all of the tubing for the local guys (ie: I could get all of the tubing for the West Sound guys and the we can meet more locally for distribution.

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