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  1. This morning I walked down to a spot that I fished last night for chum. Didn't have any joy yesterday but I just wanted to see what things looked like early this morning.

    Not as many visible fish and there were 3 bait/gear guys fishing as opposed to me being alone last night.

    Talked to one guy tossin' a green spinner/hoochie combo. Seemed like a nice guy and we BS'ed for awhile. Told him I'd tried last night without any love. He asked what I was using and I told him I was throwing flies.

    His response was "The only way you can catch chum on a fly is to floss 'em."

    Meh! :(

    It's sad that some anglers consider that a legitimate form of fishing!
  2. Dipnet meets Dipshit
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  3. Hah I wonder how he would explain the chum that absolutely hammered my fly today, when there was no schools around and no big concentrations of fish. No way I flossed that fish. He tried to jerk the rod from my hand. Too bad I lost him at the beach.
  4. i have watched flossing of sockeye on the Stamp River for many years.

    flossing is a form of snagging which i think is wrong and should be illegal; and while i disagree with it, i must also admit that many flossers display skills and control of line that rival the best dry fly casters i've seen on British chalk streams and nymph fisherman catching fish upstream without an indicator.

    pity such skills are misplaced.
  5. I guess I don't get how you could intentionally floss fish. A real strategy? I also guess I don't wanna know how.
  6. I hear flossing is an art and takes real skill. ;)
  7. I would be willing to bet that any so called fisherman who is willing to floss or snag a fish and keep it really is not very concerned about the Puget Sound fishery or preserving the species for future generations. This type of shit really pisses me off and is the reason that I am willing to hunt for the small schools returning to unknown creeks that may only give me a quarter of the chance of hooking up that maybe the big name streams would. A day of no fish and no snaggers is better than one day of catching fish and having to deal with shit head snaggers/flossers, call it what you want it is skill less and disrespectful. I now step down from my soap box.....
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  8. I'm general I agree with you, however I don't let it deter me from fishing where I want to fish. I figure they are going to snag whether I'm around or not. I hate to witness it, but I do very much enjoy fair hooking fish after fish right in front of them, as we did all morning long.

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  9. Man we're good!!! :D I think we were the only ones all day to pull a fish in frontwards!
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  10. Hah No kidding. They sure were hungry for turds! Just imagine how epic our morning would have been had we thrown HAIRY turds at em.

    Man that was fun!

  11. Imagine trying to drag that huge one you landed in by the tail! That thing was a pig!
  12. I'm happy to report the Hairy Turd worked well this past weekend on multiple species.
    Digging it out of the mouth of a big buck chum was interesting but I still have all my digits.
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  13. I lost my forceps at some point this weekend and I swear a particularly angry Buck looked me right in the eye and then tried to take a bite out of me when I tried to get the fly out. Gotta love chums!
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  14. Serious question - what's the ratio of fair caught to flossed chums that folks average?

    I went searching for chums amidst the crazy-ass wind and chop and after many hours I managed to find a protected cove with chum, and in a couple of hours of fishing lost two and landed four, but I was sorely disappointed after bringing in the two fish that I got to the beach, as the hook had penetrated from the outside in - e.g. it looked like they'd been flossed.

    This was a serious bummer as I really, really want to figure out how to get a strike out of a chum after a gajillion hours of fruitless casting, and I was fishing an unweighted size 6ish fly on a floater with a longish leader in 4-6 feet of water in a situation where it looked like the fish were cruising rather than stacked up.

    Anyone else have this happen? Any other suggestions to avoid flossing?

  15. Safety first. The circle hook reduces snagging, and the tube fly makes it easy to get the hook out.

    IMG_2554 012.jpg IMG_1039.JPG IMG_2554 012.jpg IMG_1039.JPG
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  16. Forceps aren't the best tool for Chum, IMO. I brought a set of extra long longnose pliers. Hook remover and bonker in one!
  17. It sounds like you are on the right track. Chum can be incredibly finicky at times. This year I have had some truly savage takes, but have noticed them being extremely picky as well. Saturday Matt and I were fishing the same turd fly in the same 3 colors, only different order. For whatever reason they wanted a turd with a chartreuse tail, purple body, and cerise head. Matt had the colors in a different arrangement and they would barely touch it. When he switched up they were all over it.

    The next day they wanted little to do with that fly, but were all about a size 8 all pink clouser. I'd say just keep changing it up until you find something that gets their attention.

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  18. Hey Don nice clouser style tube mind if I try it this weekend .I am planning on going to the canal.
  19. Pink tubing is working too. eyes and wings are optional.

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