Ok, final list and instructions for buying the bulk tubing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, May 17, 2009.

  1. Ditto ...
  2. Make it a ditto for me.
  3. Didn't read entire thread but paypal fees are .30 + 2.9% of money being sent. I apologize if someone already posted this information.
  4. If you look at the original post. I am updating. The top people on the list are the ones who haven't paid. As I recieved payment I've updated with a PAID after their names.
  5. Ok, I just put a final notice in. I'm not going to hold up the order any more. We are down to 5 that haven't paid. I think I've sent out at least two notices. So just did my last. A week from Friday will be the last chance to get the money to me. At that point, I'll be placing the order and any monies that come in after that will be RTS'd. Sorry, everyone has paid, and don't want to hold up anymore. Hope everyone understands.
  6. any updates?
  7. Update the extrusion Jerry
  8. Sorry, I'm going to try and get the order done. I don't want to explain right now, but it's a family emergency I'm taking care of right now. You'll know why once it's done. Sorry, and I apologize. I think I'll even cover postage on alot of your orders for the delay on my part.
  9. No worries here Jerry D. Take care of your business and no need to ship my stuff. If we can get a Kitsapper to rendevous with you, maybe me, we can arrange a hand off. Best of luck getting all smoothed out with the family.
  10. Likewise. Family first. Best wishes in getting things resolved.
  11. By all means family first , no problems.

  12. Thanks guys. I don't want to get into details right now since it's hard to talk about. I know we'll have the meetups, but I have some that need to be shipped. I just like leaving you guys hanging on my part. Just that I have alot to do here (and I'm not even at my house for the last week and a half). And won't be done until?????
  13. Ok, just a heads up. I'm hoping to have my Dad's affairs finished in the next week or two. Then spread his ashes. Once I get that all done, will get back on this.
  14. Thank you for keeping us all updated Jerry. I doubt if anyone is that much in need of the tubing (I'll be getting a lifetime supply, I expect) that we can't wait for you to take care of your personal affairs and get your life back on an even keel, as best you can.

    Best wishes,

  15. We had multiple places to dispose of his ashes, we're just about wrapped up.
  16. any updates?
  17. Yup, should have all the tubing in September. :)
  18. Just a quick update. I'm in the process of moving. I have a standing order if it's not shipped pretty quick, to have it held until 1st part of October. I'm having a hell of a time with my landlord, and I want NOTHING left behind here. So don't want to have moved, and have something show up. I don't think I'd get it (long story, but he's being an arse about things). So just bought a new house, and packing stuff up and ready to move. :)

    Oh yeah, does anyone want some of the bigger diameter tubing? I'm going to pickup a little, and could toss in a foot or two with your stuff.

    Thanks, and appreciate the patience. Been driving me nuts.
  19. I'll take some Jerry.

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