Ok, final list and instructions for buying the bulk tubing

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jerry Daschofsky, May 17, 2009.

  1. Yeah, Jerry. To paraphrase a gentleman with a similar name: "what a long strange trip it's been".

  2. Yes, yes it has. Was funny, was letting the dogs out this morning and looked on the porch and went "WTF is that?". Never even got an email of a tracking #, just that it should be shipped around the 28th of December. Then I looked at how long the box was and went "It's the tubing!!!!". Funny how that plain ole' box brought a smile to my face. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to get this stuff out. LOL
  3. Jerry, If you need a Kitsap connection for those that bought in let me know. I don't mind meeting up with you and then them. If that does not happen no problem. Like Jeff I'll be at the Hoh Down. Thanks for putting this all together, I know it took a lot of phone work between you and the tubing extruder.
  4. BTW. I'm doing projects around the house and some stuff on my rental. But hoping to get it all sorted by this weekend. :)
  5. Ok, just an update. Will have the box sorted by this weekend. So should have it all out hopefully by the following weekend. :)
  6. Hi Jerry,

    As you are going to be at the Sportsman's Show for several days, in the Outdoor Kitchen, would it be an imposition for you if folks who know they will be visiting the show to make arrangements to pick their share of the tubing then???

  7. I could easily do that. I will be at the show from Friday til Sunday. So it can be done for sure. :)
  8. I'm ALL sorted. Man, talk about a chore. SHEESH. But I'm all done. If anyone wants them brought to Sportsman show, let me know. I'll be there Fri/Sat/Sun. I'll cut them down (they were extruded in 8' lengths). Some of the bigger orders that need to be shipped may have to be sent in two containers. LOL.

    But all done. Going to figure out who all needs theirs shipped then buy the containers (may be able to sweettalk them out of my one customer who has a ton of them).
  9. BTW, I will have stuff leftover. So anyone else who wants to buy some up, let me know. I won't have a ton, but enough to sell $10 amounts (which is enough to last about anyone a long time if you use normal flyhooks as well).
  10. what type of tubing is for sale?
  11. If you check out the very first page it'll tell you the dimensions. But it's the standard sized tubing (not micro and not the large saltwater size).
  12. Wasn't able to get the tubes from my customer. So will buy some up at office depot and work on boxing those up this weekend. :)
  13. Update?
    On the amt. paid list, is that the amt paid, for the amt. of tubing we have comeing after shipping and paypal costs, or the amt we originaly paid ?
  14. Leroy, I am covering the shipping costs because of all the fiasco's that went along the way. Right now I'm experimenting on my tubing to figure out a way to not damage it so bad cutting it. May just cut with the scissors and call it quits. Just different when you have a thousand cuts to make versus 4 or 5. So trying to cut it in bulk. (or does anyone have ideas?) So some paid extra, so deducted some of that from the amount. But outside of that what you paid should be what you got.
  15. Cool, thanks for the trouble, sounds liek you will have cutters cramp for awhile !
  17. Jerry, if you have a chop saw get a grit blade for it. Tape he tubes together into manageable bundles and cut threw the tape. Go slow and the blade should make nice clean cuts.
    Grit blades work well on light mats. because they only remove very small amounts at a time.
  18. I didn't try a miter saw, didn't want to damage or possibly twist the crap outta this stuff. Not sure how well it'd go under the rotation, unless I bought a special blade for it. I did try a set of big nips I had (like pruners, but for cutting metal) and just smashed. Used my dremel, which worked good, but took FOREVER to cut. But didn't think about the tape and grit blade. Hmmmmmmm, I'll try that.
  19. Tape the tubing into bundles with masking tape and cut through the tape as already suggested. Thin kerf zip blade on a 4"' grinder would blast throught this in seconds. Next choice would be fine tooth band saw or even a hack saw. A chop saw with 60 tooth blade or more would also do it. But always bundle and tape the tubing together and cut through the taped area
  20. Thanks ralfish. I'm going to look into the blade. Took me FOREVER to chop through a few bundles with the hacksaw. Worked, but just too hard with that many cuts I have to do. Blade I had on my chopsaw just wouldn't do it, and literally got dangerous. I didn't think about my grinder though. Shit! I may have to look into the saw blade with the fine blade. I will do the tape, that's for sure. Thanks guys. Never had to cut into tubing in this sort of bulk before. That helps alot.

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