OK gang .... Serious question here.... the more the better...

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  1. My brother and I will be taking my mom and dad out your way next May for a week to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

    I need to start my research.

    Mom and Dad are easy .... they never been out your way and they just want the 4 of us to be together and smiling for a week.
    My brother and I are fly-fishing fanatics.
    This is their request .... their choice .... a place where my brother and I will fish and bond...
    .... and hopefully but not necessarily where there are things for them to do.
    But I would really like a place like Fort Collins that would keep them active and busy...
    I don't want them reading books all day ....
    And a day or two for the 4 of us to do something is required.

    Where is a great town in Montana or Colorado or Idaho or Washington ...YNP ? Wyoming ? Cali ?
    For myself and brother to scare some decent fish while my parents lay back during the day ?
    And then the 4 of us bond ?

    Would like to stay away from ranches and lodges but haven ruled them out.
    Hate to say this .... but money really isn't a consideration as much as the perfect locale would be.
    Please remember .... looking at mid-May.

    This may be my last chance or only chance to fish Montanna, Wyoming, Colorado ... Idaho ...
    This may very well be my last chance to spend quality time with both my parents and brother both...
    at the same time.... hopefully if we all 4 make it until then :eek:

    All replies will be researched and examined thououghly... and greatly appreciated !
    My parents just want my brother and I to act like kids again....
    My brother and I understand this will be a kinda end thing as far as my dad goes....
    .... and as far as the 4 of us being together goes ....

    Dad has Alzheimers .... has had it in beginning stages for the past year .....
    My mother is a martyr and a saint and is prepared ....
    My brother is in denial ....
    And I am the guy that has to make it happen...

    Thanks for reading and replying !

    Tight Lines and thanks again!


    ETA .... Wild fish not stocked fish preferred but not necessary ...:D
    Beverages on me and my brother wherever we land !
    Maybe I should do late May or early June ?
    Thanks again !
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  2. If you want to head into California, head to Redding. Dozens of creeks and rivers in the area, and in mid-May the McCloud River will have an awesome Salmonfly hatch. Easy access for fishing is on the Lower Sacramento River between Redding and Anderson, and the Sac fishes very well during May. Shad also start running in mid-May, and in Corning, CA near Woodson Bridge is a great spot for Shad. If staying in Redding, try Hampton Inn, never been there, but have liked the other Hampton's I've been in, such as the one in Twin Falls, ID. If you want to stay in the town of McCloud, try the McCloud Hotel. Stayed in the R&R suite, and tied a few flies in there as well:). Tight Lines, and hopefully you can head here to NorCal.

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  3. Hey TE .... How far are you from the Rogue ?
    I fished there years ago ... and the Umpqua too ?
    Both Oregon right ?
  4. Yeah, both Oregon. My friend heads to the Rogue every year, and there's a nice lodge right along the River, and there are plenty of guides in that area. The Rogue is at least 3 & 1/2 hours from where I live in Red Bluff.
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  5. Thanks TE ... I will certainly Google Redding tonight !
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  6. Your timing (mid-May) is kind of a wrinkle. I might recommend Missoula (airport in town, some nice hotels, LOTS of fishing, stuff to do with your folks, etc) but fair warning - the weather and water conditions in mid-May are always kind of a crapshoot in MT and, frankly, in all the states you listed to one extent or the other. Redding was another suggestion that would be worth a look. Bend, OR area might be another given your parameters. Bozeman worth considering too!
    Your parents might enjoy Bigfork, MT, but early season fishing in that immediate area might be marginal.

    Best of luck - if you find yourself strongly considering MT you can PM me and I will try to help.
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  7. Could rent a house in Black Butte Ranch in central OR. Golf, walking, biking, hiking, tennis, pools, horseback. Good dining on the ranch. Fifteen minutes to the little tourist town of Sisters. Forty minutes to Bend for shows, shopping, etc.
    Now the good part:
    The Metolious
    The Crooked
    The Deschutes
  8. Thanks Brian .....
    Maybe late May early June would be better ?\
    I deal with melt off and weather here in Maine and NH when I am ready to go and
    fully well know I am at the mercy of the rivers and streams.

    However .... float tubes will be packed in over-head storage :D
  9. Much obliged Rob ....
    Will look into that ! :D
  10. Where the heck should I plan to go ?

    Swear to God and this forum .... I want to do my mom and dad right... show them something different...
    Show them my brother and I can be cool together .....

    Have no clue.

    If I had to do it today ... knowing little .... it would be Montanna somewhere......
    I understand fishing is always great there....
  11. California! It's lovely here in NorCal, and is perfect for laid back people and also the adventurous at heart. There are wineries, fancy restaurants, and trout fishing at it's best.
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  12. If that's where we go .... you gonna need a taxi to get home.
  13. I'm only 15, just giving personal advice for great fishing and good times, for adults of course.
  14. Dude nothing wrong with being 15 :D
    I kinda figured that....
    Wish I was 15 again!

    My unsolicited advice to you .... think think think and plan plan plan for your future !
    If I were 15 again .... I would think about computers or nursing or bio-technology or plastics engineering.
    I have a dual BS in Wildlife Biology and Wildlife Science.... worked Alaska for10 years...
    Now I am a hotel investor manager and director ... by the grace of God.
  15. I'm thinking Coeur d'Alene, ID
    Nice town, beautiful country, the many rivers that feed Lake Coeur d'Alene are super fishing
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  16. one more vote for CDA, hit the St. Joe and NF CDA to make parents think you the coolest kid ever.
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  17. Thanks Jake
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  18. Thanks Gary !
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  19. the town itself isn't even half bad
  20. Missoula, Bozeman, or Whitefish/Kalispell/Bigfork would all be great except for the timing. Late May and Early June is run-off and most rivers will be blown. I would wait until late June or early July and hit one of the above locations.
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