OK gang .... Serious question here.... the more the better...

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  1. royalcoach

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    How bout early May ?
  2. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    Above is a good recommendation. The Metolious is a spring creek so there's no issue with really high water. It's easy to wade, lots of free access to the river and nice scenery.
  3. royalcoach

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    Gotta bump this....
    Steak dinner and bourbon when we show... where ever we show ...
  4. miyawaki

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    The June Loop or Twin Lakes in Bridgeport, both in the California eastern Sierra.

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  5. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

    My family has gone to Twin Lakes for decades, and it is a fact that there are 30 pound Browns in there right now.
  6. Kyle Smith

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    I recommend Santa Fe, NM . Just a beautiful place, and charming little rivers in that part of the state. If you want to get serious, the San Juan, Taylor, and Gunnison aren't far. Runoff should be brief to nonexistent down there, and I doubt it snows in May there. It does here.
  7. cebe

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    If you are going after Memorial Day, you could take a look at West Yellowstone. I suppose the rivers might be blown, but the scenery is spectacular. Your parents will not get bored.
  8. wadin' boot

    wadin' boot Donny, you're out of your element...

    Sun River Oregon. Spring fed streams, Tailwaters (crooked), the Deschutes, Bend, the Metolius, Newberry Crater
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  9. Brian White

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    Kyle's Santa Fe call out is a good one. in addition to the waters he mentioned by name, the Pecos and Chama are also within striking distance, as are some smaller rivers in the Jemez drainage (fun smaller water for browns, though impacted badly by a major fire and subsequent mud/ash slides last summer).
  10. royalcoach

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    Hey Gang ...

    Still here and looking for more ideas ... got off track ....

    What are the historic famous rivers we should hit ?

    Wont rape them ...
  11. Teenage Entomologist

    Teenage Entomologist Gotta love the pteronarcys.

    The McCloud and Upper Sacramento Rivers. Very popular with the rich back in the early 1900's, and the first rainbow trout ever reared in a hatchery were reared in that area of Shasta County, CA, and those rainbows were released in thousands upon thousands of lakes, rivers, creeks, and brooks around the world. All rainbow trout are derived from those first rainbows. At one point the Upper Sac( before the invasion of the whites) hosted over 9,000 fish per mile, but that was over a century ago.
  12. Travis Bille

    Travis Bille Active Member

    I second Bend. That's my favorite area on earth. It's gorgeous and the fishing is great with a ton of vacation rentals
  13. saffman

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    Take a serious look at SW Colorado. Stay in Durango for a base and you'll have more than enough to do. Animas should be down enough to fish in late May /Early June and holds some big browns. Tailwaters of the San Juan below Navajo Dam just an hour away as well as upper San Juan in Pagosa Springs and Upper Rio Grande at South Fork. A not to be missed trip for all 4 of you is the Durango/Silverton narrow gauge railroad along the upper Animas. Scenery is ridiculous! If time permits a drive from Durango to Ridgeway with a side trip to Telluride will put you in the prettiest country in the lower 48. There is a brand new Homewood Suites in Durango and many others or you can go historic and stay downtown at the Strater Hotel. Durango also has a regional airport to get in and out of albeit somewhat costly. If you want any more info drop me a pm.
  14. ryfly

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    If you are looking at late May/early June, look into the Deschutes in Oregon. The salmonfly and stonelfy hatches will be going off and it will be insane.
  15. Late May to early June could be tough anywhere. Focus on areas with lots of smaller rivers and streams and tail waters. Pm me and I'll give you some ideas in western Montana.
  16. Andrew Shoemaker

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    I second SW Colorado. Beautiful scenery, lots of tourist-y things to do for the old folks, and amazing fishing. Won't be as blown in May as Wyo or MT.
  17. Supacash

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    Coeur D' Alene River, Coeur D' Alene, ID, Northwest Outfitters. You will not be disappointed!!
  18. Joe Goodfellow

    Joe Goodfellow Active Member

    Mammoth California
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  19. Lake Tahoe, CA! plenty to do have the the Truckee and Carson River, Reno is an hour away Pyramid Lake for large lahotens. Lots of beautiful scenery and plenty of shopping, restaurants, plus the casino's. Also some good golf. Fly into Reno rent a car. Also their are tons of houses to rent on the market from cabins to mansions.
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  20. royalcoach

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    My brother is a hermit ...
    Maine hermit ...

    He aint budging and Im getting frustrated...
    He afraid of planes and distant lands....