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Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by NewFlyerAndy, May 29, 2010.

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    So I went out to a lake today and did a little fishing. I take my fly rods along no matter what kind of fishing I'm planning on doing. I have a heavy rod - 7/8 and a light rod 5/6. I have Kufa rods and Okuma reels. I MAY have $300 in the rods, reels and line all told. So I runa cross a guy there who is also fly fishing in his toon. I stop and start up a conversation with him thinking maybe I can learna little from this guy. He has PREMO gear. Orvis reels - Hexagraph rods - just a plethora of high dollar gear. So we're talking and he looks over at my fly gear. I spent what I was comfortable spending and I've had success with my low price equipment. After he sees my gear he goes on a 10 minute rant where his only point is to tell me how I must suck as a fisherman because I have inexpensive gear. Now for those few of you who know me - this does not sit well with me nor will I let it pass without some sort of response.


    I ask him what he's caught today and he tells me of these 2 eight inch planted trout he's caught. Okay - So I figure the best way to get my half pound of revenge back is to blow this pompous assclown off the water. So I spend the next 2 hours within 100 or so yards of this jerk while my Dad and i catch one damn fish after another - using my cheap ass obviously useless rods - and EVERY time I catch one I make sure he sees the fish, and no i don't have any fish porn but we did get a few nicer Bluegill and bass. And yes I realize this post is a cheap shot but I simply could not resist the temptation to put yet one more arrogant brain dead gear jockey to the sword.

    Grandma always said it's what you know son not what you have. Grandma was always right it seems. Thank you for reading my rant and putting up with it.:)
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    You realize you just described a majority of the members on this forum, don't you?
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    Eh - they can take as they please.......Not my problem...lol
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    Who is cheaper, a two bit whore or the bloke who uses her services?
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    So once again...let me guess CMANN- you gotta use hella expensive gear to be succesful huh? Lemme guess your one of the gear brained ass clowns?
  6. Mike Lee It's all about the sauce.....

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    Andy, I can see that this fella really dug into your loins with whatever he was floating you, but it sounds like you and your pops had a pretty good day on the lake. Will you be walking away from this day remembering the great fishing day you had with him or the point of saying face to the "assclown"? Or will it be the memory of the time when you and your dad clowned a Clown?
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    I think it's a combo of both Mike - it just gripes me that certain people feel the need to make fishing into a "who has the most expensive toy" contest..
  8. Matt Baerwalde ...

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    It takes at least two for a contest...don't get your panties in a wad. If you were having fun, who cares what anyone thinks?
  9. Jim Ficklin Genuine Montana Fossil

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    I grew-up "dirt-poor" and was thankful to even have a fly rod . . . and I had tons of fun & gathered wonderful memories in the process. You buy & use what you can afford . . . fish don't care either way on which rod/reel/line/fly they were caught . . . they say "oh, Shit" in any circumstance. I've reached the point in a long life where I can afford spendy gear . . . to be honest, it ain't at all what I anticipated to be perfectly honest. I went out this morning and caught scads of Bluegills on a fiberglass rod I built way back in the early '70's . . . and I had an absolute blast! Glad you had an opportunity to show-up the asshats. Flyfishermen/women in-general used to be a most cordial bunch . . . some still are, but "elitism" has become more & more prevalent in our sport over the years. I was having a hayday several years ago using my own creations on a lake back home . . . a couple gents rowed-over in their $$$$ pontoons, made a couple snide comments about my old float tube, then asked what I was using. Had they been congenial at the outset, I would have gladly given them a few flies. Since they started-out as elitist snots, I smiled, said "Hooks," and finned-away. F'-em . . . I went on catching fish. They did a lot of fruitless casting. You did well . . . "Illegitimi non carborundum." And although I enjoy this forum, while there are a some wonderful & generous folks among the membership, there are a fair number of the "self-anointed-elite" on this board, also. Take these at face value when you meet them & continue to enjoy fishing . . . your way. Now, I'd tell you where I got into 100-or-so 'Gills this morning, but IT'S A SECRET PLACE . . . lake "I Think I Know Where You Were At, "A.K.A, "Burbank Sloughs." Remember that the definition of "fishing" is: "A jerk at one end of the line waiting for a jerk on the other end" . . . sometimes, unfortunately, the "jerk" at one end is a real pee-dinger, and "a legend in his/her own mind."
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    Run into that $hit all the time over here in Montana.Snotty locals,snotty guides,snotty non-res.Sure I fish Sage Rods,but all my other gear is no-name brands.I ve been fishing for 35 years,and only had expensive rods the last ten,it really doesn't make much of a difference.I wil say that there are plenty of fisher-people that enjoy the experience of fishing,without the gear-comparing/fish count/swaggering/ and fucking whooping it every time a fish is on.My wife can't stand it when we get to popular parking areas(two dollar bridge) and I literally get to frothing trying to get away from the parking lot as quickly as possible,just can't stand the "scene" there.Fishing for me is about the solitude,guess that is why I tend to avoid the high season glamour spots and fish for carp instead.
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    I used to run into guys like that on the gun range, thought spending big dollars on high end was the equivalent of skill, It usually took one look at the holes in the paper to shut them up. The Guys with the skill to get some gain from the expensive gear aren't going to worry about what your fishing. The guys that have to tell you usually haven't put the time in to learn so they can show you. Congratulations he will probably run the next time he sees you coming.

  12. Evan Burck Fudge Dragon

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    as long as your rod can effectively and safely handle the fish you're hooking in to, then that's all you need.
  13. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    You and Pops got into fish. Awesome. Who cares what anyone uses anyway?
  14. Eric B Montana hillbilly

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    It's funny. When I first started fly fishing several years ago, I bought a cheap package deal @ GI Joe's and just went for it. I fished about 100 days that year, learned alot, and caught a butt load of trout, bass, etc. Now I have slowly added nicer gear to my collection, finally have a decent rod/ reel, spend more time supporting real fly shops, and still constantly learning.

    But overall, I don't think I catch any more fish than I did that first 2 years w/ my super cheap set-up. Probably less fish, but that is b/c my number of days on the water has diminished.
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    This all said I realize I started a riot on this - sorry but it does just chap my ass when I run into people like that. I guess yes-I took pleasure in showing the guy up, petty sure but man it felt good after i got that whole snotty - gear snob routine. It's funny though- even though my motivation was to show him I still had a damn good time so once again Grandma was right: " It's what you know son - not what you have." Again ya'll sorry for starting a rant post but it felt good to get that one in.....
  16. Norm Frechette Active Member

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    uh-oh! i guess i'd better not tell you i use a $25 okuma airframe composite reel for my panfish and bass fishing! :thumb:
  17. Steve Saville Active Member

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    You have to know when to walk away. I'd give all of my gear to spend one more day fishing with my dad. I started with nothing and I can't atke it with when I go but in the meantime, I like to buy good equipment. I might save money for a year just to buy one rod but in the end, I love the rod and fish it. Be happy with what you have and savor the time you have with your dad. Don't bother with the other because it's not worth the waste of time.
  18. IveofIone Active Member

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    Andy, there are gear whores in every sport and endeavor. I think it is who we are as a nation. We buy shit we don't need then upgrade and when we discover we didn't need it in the first place we rent a storage building to keep it in. Just amazing.

    Everyone I fish with has better gear than me-everyone. I don't tend to notice other guys gear unless they show up with a reel that has the bling of an alloy wheel on a show car. I have a hunch fish might notice that too. The thing that really matters in fly fishing is the terminal piece of gear-the fly. What, 2 or 3 bucks at the most? How it is presented and the knowledge to know when to present it doesn't come with high end gear. Only time on the water can develop the body of knowledge necessary to be successful.

    I learned this lesson as a young man living in Bermuda. I was photographing constantly and working in the darkroom often and was getting pretty good. And spending any spare bucks I had on equipment. I heard about a little old lady on the island that was famous for her photographs and went over to see her. She had pictures hanging in Grand Central Station in NYC that Kodak had blown up to billboard size. I was stunned at her equipment. She had a single old rangefinder Kodak 35mm camera in a well worn leather case. That's it-no flash,no macro, no telephoto-just the old camera and some very slow Kodachrome film. Her success was in her eye and her brain, not the equipment she used. She loved flowers and shared that love with thousands through the lens of that old camera.

    It is the same in fly fishing. A good fly fisherman could buy a $79 combo outfit at Walmart and go catch fish on it. You can give a numb-ass wannabee $2K worth of gear and there is no guarantee he will catch fish. It is a case where skill can trump quality.

  19. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    Hell Andy, I prove what IveofIone said in his last paragraph every time I go fishing. I'm the wannabe guy. I remember watching a couple of good ol' boys down south demonstrate great shooting on a skeet range. These two guys were shooting their Remington pump 870's and the rest of the shooters (me included) were shooting O/U skeet guns. We got our butts kicked. And it was their first time shooting on a registered skeet range. I actually love these lessons in humility, they keep a guy grounded and teachable.
  20. Charlie S Confrimed Reprobate

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    I didn't start out with expensive gear but I started making rods when I was 9 and haven't stopped yet. I have some really nice equipment although I refuse to spend maxi dollars on reels. I like the better lines because they cast better, for me, and seem to stand up better. To express anything but friendship when someone comes up and is friendly would be classed, IMHO, as the person being an all round bigot. Glad you caught the fish but I think I would have had enough satisfaction in doing so without even worrying about if flatulation face saw the results. Keep at it, hope to see you on the water one day.