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  1. Most of my rods are built by myself mainly due to funds but over the years I come to realize that I wouldn't trade any of my gear for the store bought stuff, I've used sage, Winston, tfo and redington banks, even three bamboo rods, turned my own handles as well. Been shunned by some of the guys I encounter but to me it's sad that some folks put more stock into what they have or can afford rather than learning how to better the sport. I really get alot of looks when I float my old 1976 lavro drift boat on the klickitat, Cowlitz or the Yakima, but growing up in this area makes all the better knowing that I've fished long before some of the elitist and back when it wasn't the vogue thing to flyfish and the prices were reasonable. And given the opportunity I'll show anyone what I'm doing to catch fish regardless of the equipment they use, but it is comical to see some of the guys with all the latest and greatest gear and gadgets, kind of like they just stepped of a page of the latest flyfishing catalog. Oh and new gear is coming out for next year and I'm always looking for deal on slightly used outdated gear. Take a kid fishing that always puts things in prospective as they have fun fishing not worrying about what they are using, hmmmm
  2. I started with low priced gear and felt the same as you about it. You don't need to spend a ton of money to catch fish. I have some higher end stuff now that makes it easier to make that long cast but all the same it is not the fly rod and reel that outsmarts a fish.
  3. Hey Andy, you hit it on the head! ASSCLOWN for sure! That's funny!...the fish don't care what kind of gear you have. That's a good lesson to show your kid that it doesn't cost a fortune to have fun. :thumb:
  4. :rofl:

    LOL, less than 300 bucks.

  5. Can not say anything more than what others have said. Many of us have been in the same shoes as you and it feels good when you can assist others (assjacks) that it is not the equipment you use but how you use your equipment. My brother and I never had the greatest equipment growing up, but damn did we catch fish. I loved going to the fly fishing shows when they came into town, just so I could pick up that Orvis or what ever was the upcoming rod for that year. But I knew at the end of the day, I was coming home to my old beat up cortland crown fiberglass and rimfly fly reel with a 10 dollar line. But you know what? I could cast that thing just like that Orvis, maybe not as far, but still had tight loops and caught many fish. For a long time, I fished with rods which were of off brands, one because it was all I could afford, two, I could cast them just as good as a $600 Sage, Winston, Scott. I have taken a step back myself and have went back to those older rods of yesteryear and am enjoying myself more and more.

    For the assjack you met, well just shake your head up and down, smile and look right through him. People like that just show others how stupid they really are. Remember, stupid is what stupid does! There is tons of equipment out there at a great price. Learn to cast it, have fun and spend time with your family. It does not get any better than that.

    PNW Washingtonian at heart, forced to live in Indiana
  6. Actually I get scoffed at because my gear is so cheap. I am out to catch fish not oohs and ahhs from spectators or fish shop owners.
  7. Don't appologies for such a fun and entertaining post----we all enjoyed it and mostly have the same roots.
  8. Nice little read...don't worry about coming off the wrong way.

    It's funny, I run into these types of folks all the time out on the Deschutes. In fact just the other day, I was out fishing my "flimsy" little glass rod (it's actually quite nice...one of the nicer rods I own), wearing my Metallica soccer jersey (VERY comfortable in warm, muggy weather), wearing my crappy waist-high waders that have more patches in them than anything I've ever seen, using my "fishing" bag (a converted hiking waist pack), & wearing my "dry fly box" on my Full Sail bucket hat. I definitely got more than my fair share of odd looks walking down the trail....these same folks are the ones out there pulling fish off of redds and tell you to f*ck off when you inform them of the damage they are doing to future generations.

    I also have found that the folks who are throwing gear seem to be much less elitist (at least there's a smaller percentage of them) as I've been finding out while learning about the smallie fishery out on the Columbia River...just my observation

    either way, glad you and your pops got into some fish, especially with that "assclown" watching...

  9. Well Andy your gear is more expensive then mine....haha!!! I think the biggest difference with flyfishing vs. gear fishing is I've noticed over the years that when you look into a fly fishing mag you'll see more about gear then fishing, but when you read non-fly fishing mags very little about gear and more about techniques and fishing!!!! I get asked all the time why am I fishing for salmon/steelhead with a 40+ year old glass rod and clicker reel...I chuckle and turn!!!
  10. O.K. Andy you have chapped my hide and my hide is pretty tough.
    Here's the bet.
    I bet you my $100.00 set up for your $300.00 setup that I can catch more fish than you with my cheaper gear.
    "it's not how you hold your rod, it's how you hold your mouth"
    Dude, i see this kinda thing all the time.
    The guy with a $1000.00 plus outfit can't buy a fish, when the good ole boys with the closeout specials are catching till their arms fall off.
    Good rant, I like it.
    Come fish with me, I'll school ya.
  11. Hahahahah, awesome Gary. School em. :thumb: Up the stakes a bit and show up with a $5.00 poke pole and some leader/flyline wrapped around your hand. :cool:
  12. same thing happened the other dqay to me too some guys was bragging about his $20 cranks and i out fished with a spinnerbait that was 94 cents at bass pro
  13. WTF? cranks? spinner baits? bass pro?
    Funny shit there trout man.
    I'm gonna up the steaks by fishing with a willow stick and cotton thread with a piece of red cotton cloth tied to a bare hook.
    Back to the basics.
  14. Threads like this are entertaining and I can understand why some get upset but I have yet to run into all these arrogant fly fishermen everyone keeps talking about. At least none that I can remember. I have run into guys with $30,000 sleds and the best gear out there all the way down to the guy with the $500.00 drift boat and what gear he could get off ebay. All have been friendly and most are willing to sit and talk about fishing or whatever. I have run into a few gear guys that seem to have something against fly fishermen and perhaps some fly guys that feel the same about gear guys but over the past 10 years or so that division seems to be going away.\
  15. Hey Gary - read the post -- I got 3 rods and reels and all the lines for $300.00.......so remember I'm the one pissed at the gear hounds too...lol and Scott you just be quiet you.....
  16. No worries Andy, just fun'in ya.
    Three rods, reels, and line for $300.00, your my kinda guy, the last of the big spenders.
    We still need to go fish, just for the fun of it.
  17. your damn well right we do...I could use some schoolin...:)
  18. That guy was a jerk to critisize your tackle. Buying pricey gear is fun but it has little to do with one's level of skill or success. I think the most expensive gear is only marginally better at best than more modest gear, in fact some of the inexpensive gear coming on the market lately looks pretty good. You can spend 4-5 times as much for top a quality rod that's maybe only10% better.
  19. I always revert back to my Harley days, we had a saying...."Chrome don't git ya home". I bought a 5/6 9' rod from an old guy on Ebay that makes them because he can't fish anymore. I paid less than $80.00 for this rod and have tossed flies with a Sage of the same size side by side and actually like the old guys rod better. It's all personal preference and size of your wallet. Personally I would rather save a few hundred bucks on gear and float the Yak a few more times a year. :)
  20. I try to fish where I'm not going to run into anyone so I've never had a similar encounter. Actually, most of the few people I've stumbled across while fishing have been very friendly. I personally enjoy seeing what gear everyone is fishing. But I'm not sure what I'd say if someone needlessly dressed me down for fishing my Eagle Claw Featherlight rod with Martin 62 Tuna Can reel but I'm sure I'd be over it pretty quickly.

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