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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Greg Armstrong, May 3, 2014.

  1. Greg Armstrong

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    Got lucky with the great weather last week and was able to get away with the dog, wife and camp trailer in tow. Surprised at all the snow still on Stevens - no problem if you want to get up there for some late season spring skiing as there were no rocks showing - just lots of snow for this late in the season. It's going to be a late runoff with a lot of high water in the creeks well into summer again this year at this rate.
    The lakes were all fishing really well where we were and there were times when it was almost too easy with fish hooked at will. I fished the sun exposed north side shoals mostly, as that is where the sun was doing its thing to warm up the bugs and get them moving for the fish. I could see dragonfly nymphs where I launched my pontoon boat so I used one fly the entire 3 days I fished (olive and tan woolley bugger)with one exception- during an evening midge hatch I tried soft hackles and chironomids with only a few fish to show for it. The hatching midges were so small that even size 20 was not a match for them.
    So I went back to the same old woolley bugger and it was right back to non stop again.
    No good fish photos to show, but all of the fish were really healthy and fat, averaged about 15" and
    a few up to 18". It was a great trip overall with lots of fish, sun, and springtime warmth - and very few people during mid week in the campgrounds or on the lake-it was like going back in time. If you can get away - go now. Conconully Lake camp 2.JPG
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    The weather was gorgeous all week, then blows on the weekend. Typical! I tried to get into some coves today to beat the wind, but it still sucked. Glad you got to enjoy the good weather while it lasted! We reached a high of around 86 here.
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    Ahhhh, at last-a man with a sensibly sized camping trailer. Very nice!

  4. Greg Armstrong

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    Thanks for the compliment.

    There was a time that I swore I'd never be seen in a pussified camp "trailer" or "RV" of any kind.
    I've "progressed" ( like many of us here) from sleeping on the ground, to using a tarp for shelter, to a lightweight backpacking tent, to a Baker and Wall tents, through three different VW camper vans - and now to being fully "pussified" in this really comfy', lightweight, easy to tow and park, w/queen sized memory foam bed complete with head and shower and slide-out travelling palace!
    It's freaking wonderful - and my back (and especially my wife) are so very happy!

    I don't think we'll ever go much bigger than this. It's got everything we want and is small enough to still be practical for storage, towing etc.