Okuma VS PFlueger ~ Showdown at Steelhead Ranch: the poll.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mr trout, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I broke the handle off an okuma intergrity, then about 2 days later the reel footing from a fall. I have never had any problems with pfelugar reels, great stuff.
  2. Where do you find a US made Pfluger? Aren't they made in China now?
  3. Rod angle...good point chadk. Angling the rod is very effective especially with larger fish..and actually a topic that doesn't come up to much...or I missed them all. on a side note I don't know much about those two reels....I guess I'm more into machined fashion....although I still have an old berkely 108 fly reel that is or seems to be indestructible...but has a lot of mileage marks on it. I guess if it wasn't for the white-cream pearl handle that some of the Pfluegers come with...just look out of place to me. It's like a bamboo rod with a nice machined aluminum reel seat..just don't go IMHO....but then I'm not as old as Pflueger and Shakespeare. Thou shall not judge thee.
  4. Well Trevor, there ya' go....like the old saying goes......'Opinions are like A**holes, everybody has one and they all stink!"
    Some like this reel...some don't...some like new...some like old, and no specific brand can be completely perfect.
    The thing is you have to find what works for you, then go with that. All the reels that have been touted here, work, so the decision is yours to make based on your budget and the features you want.
    Good luck with the choice you make, I hope you find a reel that will fill the bill, and give you years of good reliable service.

  5. Well said. I think I may try the medalist with the Rim Control. I have needed to use the rim control for certain fish before, and I cant see any reason why I wouldnt want it as an option. Thanks for the input. I have always wanted to give pfluegers a try but never really knew much about them. I am always amazed at what I learn here - Thanks!
  6. Ha hahaha! Good call Chris. And while we're at it make sure your Lamiglass is american too! My buddy was bragging about his "american Lami" til i pointed out the made in china sticker. outch! He spent a pretty penny for that rod too. He looked pretty disapointed. These days i buy for price and quallity. My Okumas seem to work well, feel nice, look nice and the price is nice too. It might be hard to find any reel that would withstand a whole person falling directly on it. So i try to be nice to all of my gear.
  7. Okuma: Inexpensive but cheap. :rofl:

  8. Other than Okuma: Over priced, but no better. :p

  9. FFFFHHHHHHHHSSTTT! PPPPLLLEEASSSEEEE! Okuma vs. Ross...Cooney vs. Ali ...if $$ not a concern ...9 out of ten would grab the Ross over Okuma....IMHO
  10. I think if you are going to buy either of the two reels you should give the okuma a try I think that you will be surprised at what you will get for your money.
  11. You know Mr. Trout, if you got married all your problems would be over. My wife got me a nice Ross for my 8wt on our aniversery.:cool:
  12. eBay.

  13. OK. I'm a gear junkie with a limited income. I owned and used both Medalists and Okumas, from the 1495 1/2 I purchased from Randy Knapp, to Airframe 4/6 and 7/9 and Sierra 10/11. All have performed well with no problem to date. the 4/6 Airframe, my favorite reel, has landed some larger fish including some a 4#bass, a 17# bright chum,dozens of Pinks and several dozen larger shad in the Columbia, and Black Rockfish off the groins in Westport. It's durable and fishworthy. The big Sierra has been tested well on chums this year. Nice drag, balances the spey nicely. In short, the decision is yours on what to spend money on but IMHO it doesn't always have to be expensive.
  14. Thanks Kent, I'll check it out.
  15. The problem with okuma reels is that they are not machined. For someone who puts over 100 days a year (see "zen piscator") on their reels, the okumas usually do not make it through a year, and the phluegars do. Im not gonna start with waders.

  16. fyi there are several reels in the okuma line that are infact machined. example,
    the helios sells @ 120- 150$ id bet that in the next few years okumas will be expensive enough for all you big bad money spenders to show a little respect.:D the fact is both pflugers and okumas are made over seas both companies offer "machined reels" at a reasonable price. imho, its safe to say, buy a 400.00 reel if ya can. and be proud. that ingraved name should mean alot if ya payed 200.00 extra. as far as perfomance, maintain your reels, if ya don't fall on it, throw it , get a bunch of dirt in it, an okuma or pfluger should bring in plenty of big fish for a long time. :thumb:
  17. Randy,
    I have two medalists (1494 and 1495 1/2) both dating from the sixties and I think they are well made reels although I would prefer a better drag system for the 1495 1/2 for fish like steelhead and salmon. However, the new reels are made in China not the USA. I recently built a fly rod for my son-in-law and equipped it with a Pflueger Medalist 1494 and was surprised to find it made in China.

    Mick MacClure
  18. I have 3 high-mileage Medalists in my house and will likely be outlived by all of them. They can look old & used but tend to keep working like day 1. I like alpine's advice..it's as forgiving as a reel can be but don't ever throw it. Sounds funny but how many golf clubs, tennis raquets, fly rods, etc. are broken because they were thrown..
  19. I love the Pfleugers. I have a cheap "purist" on my 4wt, it's only a click pawl. I've had no problem on big bows up to about 4lbs and caught a 6.5lb smallmouth on it I'm looking to upgrade it only because it's a little too heavy to balance light rods--at least I think so.
  20. I'm not sure you are doing yourself any big favor by hunting down an old US made Pfluger. When production was switched to Japan in late 70s / early 80s (?), it got hard to find the replacement screws that fit the US frames. While the Plugers are rugged, they do drop a screw occasionally and occasionally other parts break too - like the plastic cap on the quick release. Thus you might want to go with the newer products because of parts availability.

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