Okuma VS PFlueger ~ Showdown at Steelhead Ranch: the poll.

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by mr trout, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. As for cheap reels I think you can do better than Okuma or Pflueger. Sth makes a great 8wt with a good drag system, and even better than that you can get a ross fly water 7,8,9 for about 60$ and I own one and they are badass for the price.
    just my thoughts
  2. Actually, I wouldnt waste money on either one of those reels.

    I will admit that I love pflueger reels, but not the medalist. I really have a great appreciation for the pflueger trion, the cockroach of reels (because you cant kill them)
  3. Medalist, all day. I've owned both.
  4. As far as parts go...you can buy plenty of "parts reels" on eBay, garage sales, and antique stores for practically nothing.

  5. Well, seeing as how this thread was resurected, I'll post my results. I got the medalist, took it to AK and fished it hard for Reds, Pinks and coho for three weeks. It never let me down and did everything I ever needed it to. Probably caught up to 20 fish some days, over the course of a few hours. All that to say, I'm happy with it, and I am thinking about replacing some other reels with Pfluegers.
  6. Good call trevor. I down graded a while back. Traded in a few high end rods for moderate\low cost rods (like TFO) and did the same for my reels, opting for some used "made in the USA" Medalists. I 're-invested' the money into my fly lines, fly tying stuff, etc and never looked back.
  7. Da Pflueger never failed me yet !!!!
  8. Pflueger Medalists are the bomb!

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