Old Deer Mount

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by dryflylarry, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Will consider offers.
  2. He sure looks comfy on the couch. Does he drink beer?? Hahha PM sent
  3. Yes he does!
  4. Willin to trade for a 600 dollar spey reel? (check my ad)
  5. I REALLY don't want to be jerk here,but anybody that gives more than $50 for that head is getting the short end.Larger racked bucks(and more recent by 70 years) fetch maybe $250 here in Montana.
  6. Where do people like this come from.............................???? :beathead::beathead::beathead: WTF? Yes, you are a jerk.

    I have seen many mounts on ebay that have gone for much more than this. This was also mounted by a very well known taxidermist in Texas.
  7. Well, that's a good thought Jim. Don't think I would be interested in a reel, but maybe a spey rod with a good set of casting lessons perhaps. I'd have to think it over. Thanks.
  8. The nose on that mount appears cracked. If it is there may be other problems with the mount. Just a heads up.

    The ear edges look to be in good shape, especially for the age.
  9. Zen- The only problem I see is the nose. Everything else looks good. Seems it would be a easy repair. I'm up for OFFERS. If someone wants to look at it from the Seattle area, paying my ferry fee for a "look-see" is ok.
  10. Yo, Larry...you ought to just start clpping hair off it and make caddis flies. :)

    You could name him "Patches".

    Wish I could help man...seems like the only bucks I need at the moment are the ones printed by the Treasury Dept.
  11. Larry,
    After taking all this crap about the mount, I think you should take it off the sale block and let em all kick themselves for not jumping all over that fine buckaroo :D
  12. Ya, what a bunch of asses. Who does that?
  13. I guess I do.

    dryflylarry probably won't mind.
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