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  1. Does anybody remember the fly lines being labeled as HCH AND HGH etc..?
    Never did figure that one out. I was just getting started and the newer
    plastic coated lines still carried that designation. Then they changed it over to the number system. I thought that was confusing also. But the really great part was that the line and rod were both marked as an approximate balance. It took some of the guess work out of it.
  2. I believe that HCH was a floating line. My first line was that and it floated so I must be right.

    Back to more pressing things. I went to the "Y" this morning and while doing my swimming I noticed that my big toe was hurting. My GD Gout showed back up.

    But I must like pain as when you feel pain, you know your still alive.

    I feel if I post something on here every morning it will stay here. So we can talk about shit that nobody else wants to talk about. Like how much pain you have in the morning or how the fishing is for an old Bastard.

    The temp is at 61 and the sun is warm on my face. I should go fishing, but I'm going to go play with my ATV. The hills are calling me and I'm going to go up and see if that road is clear.
  3. You are much more adventuresome than I am, OMJ. I am just going to take a nap. Sun but no warmth to it.
  4. Hell I am old enough that I could have voted for Ike if I was an American, so I guess that I qualify. I also started out with silk lines and gut leaders.
  5. My first fly rod was rated for HCH/HDH. The reel I got has a small dial on the side for the line designation. This was back in the level line era as it has C thru H and HEH thru HCH and a GBG designators. My second flyrod had the old style ratings also.
  6. "Old man take a look at my life
    I'm a lot like you.."
  7. Neil Young...very old mannish.
  8. How about fishin' Rocky Ford in the old days, when no one else would ever be there and you fished in the old hatchery ponds and raceways, or driving up the hill to Ebey Lake. I bought my first Medalist at Pay N Save for 9.99 and just wore it out about three years ago. Had to find an old one on Ebay so I could keep using all my spare spools. Ernst hardware had unfinished 8 ft. wooden prams for about $35....I wish i still had that little boat.
  9. I'm old enough to know that the alphabetic line designations also indicated a line's taper as well as its weight. For instance, a designation with the same letters at the beginning and end, like HDH was a double taper, comparable to today's DT6. A designation with different first and last letters like HDG was a weight forward, in this case a WF6.

  10. Oh crap - I have the PERFECT lyric. From Porgy and Bess. Maybe it should be the long-sought title of this thread?


    "Old Man River..."
  11. How about the 50+ club... I'm in. Password to login: "oldfart"
    I think the older I get, the better it is, is it just me??
  12. Which Kennedy, there were two shot.
  13. Silk Fly Line Chart
  14. You could at one time drive up to Ebey lake. I walked up there when to put that damn gate in the way.

    The first Kennedy. John.

  15. How about Swannie River. It fit with my last Name.
  16. I remember Rocky Ford and fishing the ponds. You couldn't fish the creek back then. I remember when I could go to the Stilly and count 75 fish in one whole.
  17. That was real nice Krusty. I had no idea that OMJ could play the accordion. :D
  18. Here's a "senior moment" for you guys; I'm looking for a hammerless 28ga double for grouse, and found a Parker VH on Vintage Doubles' website for $1700!! Good looking little gun, but it had 30 inch barrels, which are a little long for a quick upland gun. I was almost at the point of calling Kirby Hoyt, who owns it, and waving my credit card at him, until I realized there was an additional zero at the end of the 1700--before the decimal! Oh, well, there went my chance to own one of 69 of these particular Parkers ever made...
  19. I have never hunted. Never felt the need to go out and shoot animals. All I ever did was play in the snow, which has been doing that off and on all day. It started out with small flakes and then is was bigger flakes. Then it stopped and now it's starting up again.

    I wish Spring would show up.

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