Old Man, I finally made my first trip the Stilly......

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by jbrodie, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. jbrodie

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    I had my first shot at searun fishing. I went to 127th, fished upstream a ways, nothing. I then headed downstream. I saw no sign of fish until about 11:00. In a fairly deep pool a few salmon and some searun were rising and jumping. I tried a number of elk hair patterns, some small PMD's and some subsurface, even tried a small hair's ear under some yarn. Nothing. The bugs in the air were too small for me to tell what they were. Are you still heading up there tomorrow? I am still off of work. If you are going let me know where and when, I could use some coaching. Thanks,Jim. Great day though. :BIGSMILE
  2. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Small aren't they. I think that they are called Daphnia. About a size of a pin head or smaller. Well I'm going there in the AM earily. I can only stay till noon and then I have to get home.So if I get there by daylight I'll have it made. Papafish wants to come and about 100 other people. Just kidding only 50. HAHAHA.

    It feels good to hear that I'm the not the only one catching them. I think that the most productive fly right now is the Royal Wulff in about size 14. I picked up a few at Hook Line And Sinker. So I'm well stocked. But if that don't work there's a;ways TNT.

  3. SpyderMan

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    I wonder if the slow fishing as of late has anything to do with the low flows. The last time I checked, the N. Fork Stilly had a flow of 246 and the 80% exceedence is 418!! Although I haven't been tracking this but for the past couple of years, I don't remember going with so little rain so late into the fall. Can anyone remember the last time this occured? Hopefully, it won't have too detrimental an effect on future salmon/steelhead runs. It would seem that until the rains come, we'll all be fishing the same run of fish and they're getting pretty wise to our tactics. Lets all hope that over the course of the past couple of weeks, a few SRC that have been hanging out at Oso or 127th might have bonded a little with the Old Man and maybe will find it in their hearts to slurp his fly. :HAPPY

    Good luck tommorrow
  4. dlw

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    I would agree. Most of the fish in the North Fork now have either been caught a couple times already or have seen dozens of flies swing past them. Doesn't take long for them to wise up. The lower river gets a lot of pressure though, and when combined with no rain and low flows makes the fishing tough.
    My main concern is that they are not feeding as much anymore, which is an important part of their spawning run. Active freshwater feeding helps give them the energy to survive spawning and return to the salt. Many of the 12" cutts I've caught recently have been pretty skinny. :SAD I haven't fished it for weeks (I only live a mile away) and wont fish it again until flows significantly increase.

    We need some rain, fast.
  5. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    What do I know---I'm just an old man

    They have been actively feeding, It's just that they haven't been actively feeding on my flys. About one o'clock in the afternoon they start on the may flies in the river. There's swirls and slurps all over the place.


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