Old pre-1993 Gunnison G-1 reel question

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by kurtataltos, May 23, 2013.

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    This is not only a bit off the wall but it flagrantly displays my ignornace. I have an old... Ross G-1 reel, pre-1993 (?) and certainly pre-1998. It's been tucked away for so long that I have almost forgot about it, particularly since I typically use a post-1998 G-1 and 2. Regardless, I was going to clean the old G1 up a bit for potential use as a back up and I tried to remove the spool as I would with the newer G1 or G2. From what I can see, the spool isn't easily removable. The little steel tab on the spool side is locked into the main reel shaft but the three screws on the spool link the entire spool into the main reel shaft (making the tab...inert). Is this a "typically can't change spools" reel or have I missed something. Once again.

    I have to admit I haven't seen many/any old G1 spools offered for sale. Maybe that's because it's a one-spool set up. The Ross website notes that older reels "should be returned for upgrade" but I don't know if this applies as the reason for the upgrade isn't especially clear.

    The net/net is that it appears three long screws attach the spool to the black reel center shaft section. It just seems odd (and why have the little metal tab?). I have missed something as this really doesn't make too much sense.

    A ray of intellect and hope from anyone out there would be appreciated as I am, for now, stumped once again.

  2. dryflylarry

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    I have the same reel here. Sounds like it is "frozen" on. Mine comes off easily with the tab. Maybe you could unscrew the screws and shoot some W-D 40 in there. It looks like (from the inside) that the tab locks down on the tip of the spool inside there after looking. That little tab should "push" in. That's what releases it from the spool tip.
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    WD40 is about to be liberally applied.... thanks !!!!
  4. rainbow

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  5. kurtataltos

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    dryflylarry, rainbow... a puddle of WD40, some patience and it"s off!!! Looks like almost a varnish was on part of the interior spool "tube". It cleaned up very nicely, fully functional, drag is great and everything is now normal. Thank you very much for the recommended fix!

    Now I can look for another G-1 spool... enjoy !!!!!
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    Awesome!!!! Good on ya!
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    Why don't you just send the reel back to Ross and ask them to tune it up for you? I've done it a couple of times and it's free, usually. Why mess with a masterpiece like that? If you don't want to do that, I'll buy it from you. It's the only size I do not have. I have nine other pre 94' and pre 98' Gunnisons. I'll make it ten for a reasonable price.