Older Dean Trip

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    I ran across this photo CD over the weekend while cleaning up around my computer. Did a quick check on the trip report forum and, finding no report on the Dean, I thought I’d post this.
    In ’05, six of us decided to put together a “do it yourself” fly in to the Dean. Actually planning started in summer of ’04. Two of the group had fished the Dean prior. It was my first time. When we first landed; rain and it didn’t let up for two days. Second night the wind came up and blew the campsite to hell. Photos of camp are after we put it back together. Fishing was pretty poor, although our trip organizer, thanks Rick, had tracked historical figures on the run; we ended up being about a week early. But the fish we caught were fighters and nothing under 12#’s. Sadly two in the group were skunked. Best news was that nobody got hurt (I have been on trips when this was not the case) and that our “Bear Fence” was never hit. Biggest animal headache was mice.
    Hope you enjoy.
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    Nice. I particularly enjoy photos 7, 8, 9, and 13.
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    Agreed, great photos!
    I've caught several fish like those displayed in pic 7&9!:thumb::rofl:
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    Great photos! Looks as if the same retired Canadian Air Force pilot is still in business.
    Must have been nice to sleep in a bed...
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    Richard, the pilot. Great guy.
    Fishing was better last year. It's been in a slump for a while.
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    Looks like a great trip. Thanks for taking the time to share with us all. I'm always very appreciative of the time people put into these trip reports. Sure makes for some great keyboard droolin.

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    Lotta' chinook in your photos. Is that early in the season? What week did you go?

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