Olive Back, No Spots - odd looking trout

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  1. Caught this fish on Lenice today.

    curious if anyone has any insights into this coloration.

    I think someone else mentioned catching a fish with no spots this spring. ( i cant remember who)

    The fish was about 17 inches long, and had all its fins including an adipose.

  2. This type of coloration is pretty common of the rainbows up in the BC interior lakes. You see a lot of big rainbows with very few to no spots, especially in lakes with clear water. Not sure on the exact strain that exhibits this, but it seems more common in the pennask strains.
  3. Yup , the Blackwater , and FV strains are way more heavily spotted than Pennask fish .
    The Pennask are the more desirable fish though .
  4. With your hand in the pic, it appears that the fish is a smolt!
  5. Odd, but healthy looking.
  6. I agree the fish looks like the "Kamloops"/interior BC type of rainbow.

    BTW -
    With the bend fin rays in the dorsal and pelvic fins the fish was likely planted at a fingerling size.

  7. I caught fish this same color in Unity res. in Oregon last spring. I was shocked when I landed it at the color (or lack of) it was the whitest trout I had even seen, then after a couple more they were all that color. this res. gets stocked with a strain from central Oregon like most of the lakes in the area. this lake always has a green tint to its waters so I figured the fish color was to match it's surroundings, something I think nature provides for protection. most these lakes get the same "minnow" plants - very young smolt so they act and look a lot more like native fish also not being clipped! other lakes with the same fingerling plantings, with clearer water the fish took on the normal rainbow colors or at least had darker backs then the Unity fish. here are different colored adult trout from the same lake in eastern Oregon. MALHEUR RES. wish I had pics of the Unity fish but it was the last lake I fished and my camera batteries were out. they looked exactly like your picture though.

    boise la grande trip 136.jpg boise la grande trip 138.jpg boise la grande trip 146.jpg

    The green backed fish was a year younger than the bigger fish. I also caught the same color fish as yours in Arrowrock res. in Idaho where the water had a green tint to it also. Very little spotting and a very light green back. I thought it was because of the waters green tint.

    The water in your pic looks crystal clear so who knows?

    Another comparison of fish from the same lake, Thief Valley res. in Eastern Oregon.

    boise la grande trip 029.jpg boise la grande trip 042.jpg boise la grande trip 094.jpg boise la grande trip 098.jpg boise la grande trip 110.jpg

    Many different colors for the same stocked fish from fingerling size! from 2 year to three year old fish. All these fish come from the same Oak springs hatchery in central Oregon by the Deschutes!
  8. This is my experience with BC fish also.
  9. Hybrid Cutt-Bow?
    Heer's a typical one I get out of some high desert reservoirs: CIMG2239 (Medium).JPG

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