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  1. gonefishing4ever

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    I have read a few varying reports about the trout fishing in some of the East side rivers on the peninsula, I have one day a week and not many weeks left to be driving 3 hrs to dissapointment.So if anyone can give me some insight on the possibilities there, then I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    Has anyone fished the Pilchuck? if so what is going on in there??
  2. rockfish

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    all you will catch is smolts, the smolt mortality is great on the rivers here cause the kids camping with there parents fishing worms and spinner. ben
  3. Woollyworm

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    By most accounts, resident trout populations in east-side-of-peninsula streams are dismal.

    One exception is the N. Fork of Skokomish. It's catch-and-release only, holding large Dolly Varden and 12-14" wild bows. To access, enter the Olympic Nat'l Park at Staircase Ranger Station($10 entrance fee last time I visited) and then hike in to the river. Tributaries of N. Fork of Sko also have trout, but not that large.

    Another option is to wait for Sea-Run Cutts to move into smaller streams for spawning in the fall.

    Good fishin'
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    Pilchuck is closed. Both the river and the creek.
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    Hi all, I've had some hike in days on the Grey Wolf that were fun. There weren't a lot of fish, but the rainbows caught were beautiful. Being new at flyfishing then, and having had little knowledge or skill, I was proud of the first 10" RBow even if it was on a store bought wollyworm. Shaking from the adrenaline rush, I did my best to release it unharmed. What really unnerved me though was the huge shadow that moved out of it's holding spot and followed my muddler minnow across the river. It must have been a dolly or steelhead. An hour later, soaked with rain, and not having seen the monster trout again, I had to move on. It was three miles back to the car but worth every step. Please do your best to practice good C&R, and learn about spawning cycles and redds. Flyfisher Frank :HAPPY
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    The "dollies" in the NF Skok are bull trout, listed as Threatened under the ESA. I beleive the Skok is one of the Peninsula rivers closed to fishing for bull trout. Better check the regs if you're thinking about going there.