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  1. OK, I know this has been asked before, and I checked the search function but didn't find exactly what I wanted, soooooo....

    If you were wanting to book a winter steelhead trip to an Olympic Peninsula river, in Feb/Mar, Which guide and what river would you choose? Only those with actual first-hand experience need reply please. I would like your best recomendations.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I have never fished with him but do know him: JD Love. He started working as a fisheries technician 25 years ago on the OP and has been fishing it ever since. Unless you had a specific river you wanted to fish, I'd let him make the decision at game-time as to which was fishing best and/or in shape.
  3. I'll second JD Love, even though I havn't met him I have heard a lot of good things about him.

  4. i have fished a couple of times with JD, good guide, certainly knows the territory, will be candid with you on prospects also

    look in my pics and you will see the two nice steelhead he put me on the sol duc one day in dec

    I would love to fish the hoh but the water has never cooperated
  5. dave steinbaugh? spelling, at waters west in port angeles is a great guy who knows his stuff. i've heard he is a spey rod master.
  6. I haven't fished with JD either but I know he is a good guide.
  7. iagree Both of these guys have been in business on the OP for a long time. You don't stay in business in areas as remote as the OP unless you are good, very good, at what you do. Talk to them. Feel them out as to how they like to fish. If that's how you like to fish, fish with him. Trust his judgement to pick the river.

    Bottom line? Fish or not. Doesn't matter. You got to fish the OP. All of it's rivers are top notch,,, world famous. And you fished with one of the best guides out there. A lot of guys would give their left you know what for that. :beer1:
  8. Thanks guy's for the suggestions so far. Be assured that our intention is to rely completely on the knowledge of the guide we select, to know where, when, and how to have the best shot at actually catching fish.
    Is that not the reason to use a guide? I do not expect a guarantee for x-number of fish, but not looking for a nice boat ride either, can do that on our own.
    Not into spey fishing, so that is not important. Sounds like JD is a solid option at this point.


    Speyfisher, the only thing I'm willing to give up would be $ :D
  9. What about Bob, Triggs that is. He's a mod here and a guide on the OP.


    My mistake. He's not a Mod here anymore. But he is a guide still
  10. JD!

    the OP rivers are pretty fickle during the winter months, clear today, blown tomorrow. JD lives right on the sol duc, i mean right on. he walks out his door and knows what that river is doing. he also has great contacts to check in with regarding the other possibilities.

    always let him make the call for the exact day you are drifting. he knows his stuff, usually has a bunch of demo rods with him and will freely suggest his favorite fly of the day and then take great pains to tie it on exactly. the fly always seems to be VERY big and black :)

    now i also have to admit that he was recommended to me years ago and he is the only guide i have ever fished with on the OP. i am sure there are a few other winners out there.
  11. If you want walk in guide service, Bob is an excellent choice. He showed me more than a few good walk in access points that weren't so obvious. He makes one hell of a good hot sandwich too!

    Another great option is Bucker... I've jocked him in the past, and I'll continue to do so. Excellent guide, and an excellent casting instructor....
  12. Another excellent guide is Jim Kerr. I haven't fished with him but have friends that have. They had an excellent time.
  13. Even with the best guide I wouldn't expect much more than a grab every couple trips (bobbercatin' is another story).

    Another vote for JD.
  14. Surprised no one has beat me to the punch, but Steve Buckner (Northwest Flyfisherman) is a great option. I think his principal beat is the Queets. I've fished with him a couple of times and had a great experience both times.
  15. Steve Buckner. I've fished with a few, and if you spey and swing, he's at the top of my list (incidentally, so is the river he typically guides).
  16. Bob Triggs. I've fished with him twice and have a third trip scheduled for January. He's knowledgeable, personable, an excellent casting instructor and all around good guy.
  17. I've fished with both Bob Triggs and Jim Kerr (though not for steel with Bob), and can provide an enthusiastic :thumb: for each. Both are great company on the water, have impeccable backgrounds and knowledge, and will hold your hand or let you run as you prefer.
  18. I really don't think you could go wrong with any of the options. If you are really in it for more than the boat ride I would plan on booking multiple days :)
  19. All Be Damned! I mentioned earlier that jd was a good choice because I had heard that because I was unable to locate the name of the guide that put me right on the fish. Someone mentioned his name earlier. Jim Kerr and they gave a web address. Just look a few post up from mine. I have included a couple of photos from the fish Jim got me into. Two Steelhead. This guy know where the fish are and he to lives in Forks.
  20. Again thanks for all the options. I've been steelheading for 20 years now, and have caught one or two, so I don't want casting instructions, or hand holding.
    Not that I can't learn new tricks, but I want to use my own rods, lines and flys.
    As I said I just want someone who knows those OP rivers, and optimum run times, and it will be easy now, thanks to all of you, to start checking out a few.


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