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  1. I have fished with both Triggs and Buckner and they are both top notch guides. They will do their damndest to get you into fish. Now as you know with that said if there aren't fish there aren't fish, it is the O.P.
  2. everyone's suggestions are awesome. If you're hankerin' for a shot at fishing the Quinalt, there is only one man I'd recommend. The legend, the Federal tracker, the myth, the cougar slayer, the only man who's trapped a bear cub in a garbage can, broken up more bar fights than Mr. T and tracked ol' Squatch on a TV show (true shit too): Clay Butler. He isn't fly specific, but he flyfishes and understands those who do.

    Clay has put me into a lot of big fish over the years.

    A great guy. I miss Clay. I don't even know if he's guiding now but I'd fish with him again in a minute.
  3. That's true of any place, putin' us on the right water is all thats asked, then we'll do our best to catch some of 'em.

    Mingo, that Clay Butler guy sounds interesting, know how to contact him?

  4. this does not qualify as first hand experience.
    However, I saw Bob Triggs speak recently.
    He was excellent and believe he would be a good choice
  5. For walk-in guide service, both Doug Rose and Bob Triggs are excellent choices. If I want to run the river in a boat, I'd plunk my money down with J.D. Love.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  6. Clay Butler 360-288-9966. This number is at least 4 years old. David
  7. jeff brazda is a machine!
    one of the hardest working guides
    i've fished with. ninja skillz on spey.
    swings the fur and nymphs the
    beads. whatever the water he's
    gonna cover it.
  8. One guide I would highly NOT recommend is Pat Graham..fished the Hoh with him out of Forks once. Don't know (hope he is not) if he still guides this was 5 years ago. Boat not set up for fly-fishing (set up for pulling plugs...nothing wrong with fishing gear but he claimed to be a "fly-fishing" guide), he threw trash in the river, his client gear was in very poor shape and his reels had extremely rough drags, promoted killing whitefish (by smacking off your hook with an oar), the list goes on. Worst fishing guide I have ever used and I have fished with many saltwater and fresh. Advice on what guides not to use I find as important as recommendations on good guides.
  9. Jim is the sh*t, hands down.

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