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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Shawn Seeger, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Well… I am going to be getting a new outdoors point & shoot camera… the question is for those that have any experience with a Olympus Stylus 790SW…

    What do you think?
    Would you buy it again?
    What are the pro’s and con’s?

  2. It's an awesome point and shoot, takes good great photos, waterproof, turns on fast, has an option of taking multiple photos quickly, great for getting those perfect fish photos without keeping fish out of the water for more than a couple seconds. The best part is you can keep it handy on a vest leash or wader pocket and not worry about the weather. Only down side is, that it is still a bit expensive, but I'm sure there are some deals out there.
  3. iagree

    I took a big chunk of old fly line and made a lanyard for it and wear it around my neck if im wade fishing. underwater photos can turn out well also if you practice. i would highly recommend it.
  4. I bought one of these ~ 6 months ago and I love it. Very durable and takes great pictures, has very good precanned settings for a variety of different conditions. Underwater shots do take a bit of practice but when you get it down (need to make sure you use the preset "underwater setting) they can come out great. I have used it salt and fresh....no problems.

    The only downside I can see is the view finder....can be hard to see the pic you are taking in bright sunlight...I can deal with it but it bugs my wife. I would definately buy it again.

  5. I have a friend that has one of these cameras and he loves it. He has a great story, too. Last summer he was canoeing in Maine. While on the trip, he loses his camera. They went back and search places they took out, but couldn't find it.

    They were in a state park and left a message with the park ranger on their way out that they'd lost the camera in case someone found it.

    3 weeks later he gets a call from them that his camera was found. A week earlier, a scuba diver was in the river and found it on the bottom! He cleaned off the sludge and handed it over the the ranger.

    After two weeks fully submerged, the camera still works!
  6. Does anyone know the difference between the 770 and the 790? Is there a big difference which would make me want to buy one other the other.
  7. They are both great camera’s and the 790 did not replace the 770 contrary to popular belief. Wayne Jordan has one and it takes great pictures. My buddy Dave just picked up the 790 and it is also a great camera just doesn’t have the outer shock proof looking shell. However, Olympus rates the ‘shock’ proofing the same.

    The only differences we were explained when comparing the 790 and 770 were the waterproof ratings and the face detection highlighted below.

    Stylus 770 SW Features:
    Shock Proof (up to 5ft.), Waterproof (to 33ft.) , and Dust Proof, (-10°C/14°F)

    Stylus 790 SW Features:
    Shock Proof (up to 5ft.), Waterproof (to 10ft.), and Dust Proof, Freeze Proof (-10°C/14°F).
    Face detection

    Check out what Steve’s Digicams has to say about both:

    Olympus 770

    Olympus 790
  8. I bought the the 770 SW, as my SP-350 did'nt survive it's second trip to the river bottom. I have taken some underwater fish picks, and yes it will take some practice. Paid $350.00 for it at Best Buy. Don't know that I got the best buy on it, but am thoroughly satisfied with the purchase. Make sure to buy the rubber cover, $14.00.
  9. Part of the reason I was getting ready to pull the trigger is that the Stylus 790 SW is on sale right now for $249.98.... seemed like a pretty great price compared to when I looked in the past...

    Maybe still going to do it...
  10. do it man, so worth it. the only reason to not buy one is if you want a dslr instead.
  11. hey shawn. that's a great price!! i got mine at costco for 300, as they had an $80 instant rebate. so 250 must be around 150 off MSR. mine's great, but i'm still learning to use its many features. let us know what you end up doing.
  12. My wife got me one for my birthday in December. It is a really nice camera, you won't be disappointed.

    For you folks that already have one, do you recommend getting the silicone skin cover for it?


  13. Sorry, never mind. I see that Knothead already recommended the rubber cover.

  14. Lots of good user reviews and the positive review on Steve's Digicams have me interested. Does it shoot RAW image format as well as compressed JPEGs? I can't tell from the Steve's review.


  15. Well I guess I am left with the question of if I think that I would be going deeper then 10ft or want to buy the case for the 770SW. Thanks for all the help.
  16. where can you get the skin? Mine tore (actually the missus did it).

    This is a great camera, I got it just for fishing until she found it.
    Now it is our roadtrip/vacation camera as well.

  17. I have the 770 and it works great! it is more expensive however i felt it was worth the camera being able to with stand a fall and 210 lbs. great durable camera!

  18. Not sure Kent but thanks for the 'Steve's Digicam' link :thumb:
  19. I went to the Olympus site for the skin. It redirects you to a number of sites that have them in stock.

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